Friday, February 12, 2010

The Date is Really Feb. 15, 2010

Did you know you could buy white thread (and black) at the Dollar General store? When desperate, you take desperate measures. And there on the shelf was a package of two white spools and a black spool for $1.00. I bought two packages for emergency backup. Now tomorrow I can finally finish my mini-wall hanging.

It is snowing again! This is the third time in two weeks and we live in the south. We are supposed to have between 4 and 6 inches overnight. The Dude is on his way here now to be "snowed in with Grandma and Papa". He says he packed for three days - he is counting on Monday being a snow day. It may well be because we do not have the right snow removal equipment in North Carolina and they cannot let the school buses be on the road if there is the slightest snow or ice residue.

We got a valentines day card from the Little Miss. As you can tell she signed it herself - not bad for 16 months. (Do I sound like a proud grandmother - you bet!)

Roses from the Big T - aren't they beautiful - so is he.

Back to the sewing studio tomorrow. I was not able to even go up there today - other priorities get in the way once in awhile. I did think of a way to solve my problem with the black and white so I'm anxious to see if my plan will work. More about this after I try it. However, I am quite happy with the "baby dolly quilt" I made for the Little Miss.

I went to the book store the day of the snow and got three really neat quilting books: Dream Landscapes by Rose Hughes; Liberated Quiltmaking II by Gwen Marston; and Masters Art Quilts by Martha Sielman. I had a 50%, 30% and 20% coupon from Borders and saved as much as I spent. So there's my snowy afternoon curled up on the couch with a cup of tea and my new books. Bookstores are like fabric stores - I cannot walk out without buying something. We also picked up books for The Dude and the Little Miss (fantastic sale at $1.00 per book).

Hugs to all you you who put up with my ramblings as I continue to explore my creativity.



  1. Hooray for finding thread at the dollar store! We have a Dollar General and a Dollar Tree nearby but I don't go into them often. When I do, I'm always surprised what I find :)

    Those roses are gorgeous! Nice work Big T.

    The mini quilt is very sweet. Have you given it to her yet?

  2. Yes, the dollar store can be a lifesaver sometimes! I'm the same way about the book store and fabric store. Last night it was the book store....a book on pretty little gifts and magazine of aprons! Today JoAnns....Gorgeous fabric for placemats!!

  3. We managed to get away for the weekend - it was a nice break :)
    LOVE the flowers!!

  4. The quilt will be on the way to her by Wednesday. She has a baby doll that goes everywhere with her - she should love it.

  5. What beautiful roses and such a cute doll quilt! I didn't know you could buy thread at the Dollar Store either.

  6. You got some very beautiful roses.


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