Friday, February 19, 2010

Burst of creativity

A burst of creative energy blew through our house last night like a blast. In less than three hours I had designed, started and finished a quilt top (60” by 58”), designed and cut the strips for a second. I was amazed at how fast the first top went together. I would like to get it quilted and finished soon. Big T has already claimed it as his to hang over the fireplace. (We have this hole over the fireplace where the builder intended to put a television AND we decided that we don’t want a TV there. So for the almost three years we have lived here, there has been many, many discussion of how to cover THE HOLE.)

With the flash - Without flash -

I LOVE MY QUILT WALL!!!! Even I didn’t realize the full value of this important ‘tool’ until I put my quilt strips on the wall last night and could see the difference even the tiniest of changes could make. I was finally able to show Big T the purpose and the value of the wall. We are already planning the second on the opposite wall which will serve more as a showcase.

The doll quilt is on its way to the Little Miss. She should have it by the weekend at the latest. Now I have to make one for my Hummingbird Treasure Etsy inventory since I listed it. Some time I will share my ‘life’s most embarrassing moment’ story regarding my Etsy inventory. It was definitely one of those ‘live and learn’ lessons.

Next Friday, I am scheduled for a ‘free motion quilting’ class at Linderellas. I have read (and memorized) the tutorials on several blogs and have tried this on my own several times, but I need some more hands-on instruction. I know what it says to do, but somehow my hands don’t want to do it. Maybe the class will help.

I think I may have solved my problem with my ‘tuck and roll’ project. I am going to make a prototype first this afternoon before diving into the fabric I bought for it. Interesting, I can see it in my mind, I just can’t quite get there. Maybe today will be the break-through.

Later today, we are going to the Home Show. If I’m really good, we will stop back by Joann’s on the way home. The problem with going to the home show with Big T is that he is a friendly, sociable kind of guy and visits with EVERYONE even if it’s not something we are looking for. Well, I guess truthfully – the real problem is, I’m not!! I want to go and look and go home (or to Joann’s). Maybe I’ll find another ‘free’ yardstick. I need a second one. At least I’ll get a lunch out of it.

Welcome back Jeanne – we missed you! I cherish all of my loyal followers and want to say ‘thank you’. Your comments mean a lot to me – HUGS to all of you.



  1. WOW! You have been a creative, busy little bee. That strip combo is just beautiful!!! My mommy bought me a cool mixed media project magazine yesterday and I have some ideas I want to try out.

  2. I really like the hollyhocks! They have sentimental value to me because when I was growing up, my sister and I made "brides" and "bridesmaids" out of the flower heads. You pick the flower leaving only a short stem, less than an inch. Turn the flower upside down and it becomes the body. Pick a bud and hollow out an area to stick on the flower stem. With a little imagination this became a beautiful woman. OK, maybe you had to be there! Unfortunately, I cannot seem to get them to grow at my house. Thanks for the memory!

  3. That quilt looks like a burst of spring! I wish I worked as fast as you do!!! I've been thinking about a quilt wall. How big is yours and what did you make it out of?

  4. flash vs no flash
    Marie, which represents the truer color representation?

    Thanks for visiting my blog.


  5. have fun at the home show!! Haven't been to one for years - too depressing - so many things I would love but can't afford!

  6. Beautiful quilt! Can't believe you finished that in one night! Amazing! I love the red, black and white fabrics too.


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