Sunday, February 7, 2010

Water - at last!

Water, beautiful, glorious water. A shower never felt so good. The water was restored around 9:00 pm last night and fully functional this morning when we woke up. I haven't enjoyed a shower like that in a long time. Curious what we have come to take for granted. When you turn the faucet, something is supposed to come out of it (and hopefully, that stuff is clear and sparkly).

The quilt wall is finished - here is a rough photo without any props.

I started and finished a sewing machine dust cover yesterday. It felt good to go from beginning to a finished project in one day. I used pieces of lavendars and purples (my favorite color) to add a little brightness and color to my new home studio. Now the big decision is - do I use it or post it on Etsy (or both??)?

And here is the 'out of white thread' project. It is so close to being finished.

Hugs to all of you who care to read my ramblings as I discover a completely different side of me.



  1. I love your quilt wall! It looks even more impressive in person. And I have several spools of white thread if you want to come get it.

  2. HA HA so you're the thread gremlin!!!

  3. I'm SO glad to hear you finally got your water back. I'd be distraught if we had no water. During Hurricane Ike we lost power for 2 weeks and that was bad enough...but we always had plenty of hot water (of course it was late summer, so hot wasn't much of a problem!), thankfully.

    I LOVE your wall. Super cool. So you decided to give up the machine dust cover? time you should keep it!

    Funny you have that white thread problem. I have the opposite...I never seem to have the right color thread for what I want to make. I'm constantly buying colored thread. With my jewelry supplies I always seem to be out of the things I use the most!

  4. Alyssa - I decided if it sells, I'll make a better one AND if it doesn't I'll go ahead and use it. I win either way. Right now I'm just enjoying looking at it.

  5. I'd rather have running water than a computer! Can't imagine what it must have been like - glad it's back!

  6. I'm so glad you got water back! If we lose power here, we lose it all - water, heat, cooking, lighting. Always so grateful when a storm passes without losing electicity. I try to make sure we always have a case of bottled water in the house just for emergencies.

    Your projects look great. Did you paper piece the star? Sorry no white thread but I do have a few more spools of dusty rose and country blue I'm trying to use up!

  7. Everything is back to normal - thank goodness. Yes, I paper pieced the star but used regular printing paper. I need to find something that tears easier without pulling out my stitches. Any suggestions would be helpful?

  8. That is great you got your water. We have a well and we were without water one time for a week. We went to the YMCA to shower.

  9. You folks need to live in Florida, it's just cold right now but NO snow..heheh..e.
    I think your idea is good, you can lose!


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