Monday, August 23, 2010

Serious Thinking

Ok so here's the problem. I have a faithful few followers who read and comment on every blog. (And I love each and everyone of you.) But I am not gaining in either 'larger following' or in redirecting potential purchases to my etsy store. Hmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!
So my question of the week is - what do you think of sponsorship of blogs? I've been looking to see who and how popular the sponsored blogs are and I am torn. I need to expand and market my products but I also don't want to lose my friends in doing so.
Please give me your honest opinion (both directions) and let me know what you think. ALSO, if you have any other thoughts, I am very open to them.
Hugs - Marie

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Change in Weather???

Here is the latest from my studio. I love this embroidery pattern - simple but sophisticated. It looks great on napkins as well. I've used this several times and am always pleased with how it turns out. (Is wheat sheaf one word or two?)

I certainly hope this two day sinus headache means there is a change in the weather coming. I would hate to go through this for nothing. I work an hour or so and sleep an hour or so just to adjust. It will leave when the weather changes. Hopefully cooler weather is on the way.
School starts around here on the 23rd of August. Doesn't that seem early. I liked going back to school after Labor Day. August is still intended for play, vacations, and laziness. When I was in school, we went on family vacation the middle two weeks of August, came home for a week to get things ready for school and started the day after Labor Day. It's too hot to even think of kids going back to school now - not all schools are air conditioned.
Where do you sit to do your hand work? I was thinking of that last night when I naturally gravitated to the same spot and picked up my hand work. More on that the next post.

Hugs - Marie

Monday, August 9, 2010

Feedback Wanted

What do you think? Too far out or ok? I seem to be gravitating more and more toward this for some reason. I'm not sure why - I've always been a very conservative person. Big T just keeps looking at me like "what are you doing?"

This is the most recent to come out of my studio. Although there is another just waiting for the photos when I finish the binding. (I think it is even brighter than this one.)

I think I need some 'honest, unbiased opinions'. So if you have any to share, let me know what you think of some of my recent undertakings. (I mean REALLY THINK - not just bloggy politeness.)

It started with this.

This was the first move into the bold colors and 'out of the box'.

Maybe I'm having nightmares and this is my way to express it. I'm a little old to be undergoing a personality change. Has anyone else experienced this total turn around in what they are creating and designing?

Hugs - Marie

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Two Down

These mini-quilt nursery wall hangings were so much fun to make. They are approximately 10" square and are machine pieced and embroidered with hand quilting. I'm quite pleased with how these turned out.

I have a set of chestnut brown napkins to embroider and am trying to decide whether the traditional fall leaves or something a little different. Maybe a 'simple' cornucopia without a lot of fill around it. Or maybe I let them set for the day and see what my creativity says in my sleep tonight.

I have several more strips cut for the nursery wall hangings. I think I'll wait on those to see what response I get from my etsy store. (It's beginning to sound as if I'm procrastinating - if so, not intentionally.)

Back to the studio - Hugs - Marie

Friday, August 6, 2010

Trip and Landscape Quilt Featured

Here are a few photos from our quick road trip - it was wonderful to get away for even a few days. We made a big circle but of course had to go on the Blue Ridge Parkway for as long as we could. I love that road and just think the whole building of it was just phenomenal.

Just a photo of the drive through the windshield and then Big T snapped one of the car where we stopped to take a quick nap under a shade tree. (Didn't nap long, it was over 90 in the shade.)

Quilts and Heirlooms is featuring my little landscape quilt, "The Hills of Summer", today in part 1 series of landscape quilts. Hurry on over and take a look at the quality of the quilts they are featuring. I am so honored to be included. (Remember this was my first venture into this category.)
Hugs - Marie

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Quick Get Away

We are off for a quick getaway for a couple of days.

How exciting! I'm taking the camera and we are headed toward Virginia and see what we can get into. All the juicy details when we return.

We haven't done this in awhile - just spontaneous (well, it's spontaneous for us and that's what counts).

Hugs - Marie

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Playing in the Studio

August 1st - I don't know whether to say the heat wave is almost over (joyous) or oh no, summer is almost over (sadness). This has been a long, hot summer but I'm not sure I want it to be over yet - so I will just continue to enjoy the heat (but not the humidity).

OK - so here's the latest out of my studio. What do you think? I'm thinking nursery wall hangings here, small 10" by 10" size. (Did you note the hand quilting - still needs work, but getting much better.) I have another one under way in blues with a train engine on it.

While I was playing, I also made a little larger autumn leaves wall hanging. I think I like this one a lot. The colors feel good to me. (Big T says still too bright - wait till he sees the purple one coming out.) I will probably machine quilt this one for a more polished look.

M and The Dude leave for a whole week in CA tomorrow morning. Sure will be quiet around here - just me and Big T talking to each other and ourselves. M has a consulting engagement and The Dude is going to stay with K&A and the Little Miss in San Diego for a week. They are both excited. The Dude has been practicing how to have a tea party and play Ring-around-the-Rosie this week. I think his aunt K and uncle A have a few surprises in store for him.

Off to play in the studio (after I make a three bean salad to let it marinate).

Hugs - Marie