Monday, June 28, 2010

What's Going on During the Heat Wave

It was so hot at the pool last night, the water was like stepping into a bath tub. I loved it - could have just floated on my back and stared at the clouds all night. Getting out was a little cool, but it didn't last long. It is still hot and humid - maybe a 'slight' break tomorrow (don't count on it).

Here is my finished landscape mini-quilt (9" by 12"). I am fairly satisfied with it - at least enough to show it to friends. I used multiple machine decorative stitches for the machine quilting and also did some hand quilting with it. The tree, of course, was done on my embroidery machine. I love combining the multiple arts.

This is my second attempt. Still a mini-quilt (15" by 20") but a little larger. As you can tell, this one is not finished yet. Still have the couching to complete and the quilting and binding. This is my interpretation of the devestation caused by Mt. Saint Helens in 1980. We moved to the state of Washinton just three months after the volcano erupted and saw the devestation caused by the volcanic ash firsthand even 250 miles away in Spokane.
I wonder if the heat wave is the direct cause for my creating a quilt containing a volcano? Interesting.
I also took a two hour class in 'hexies' this past Saturday. So my hand stitching time is now working on some initial hexies. Who knows if I get bored, they might become colorful potholders or trivets for the table.
Hugs - Marie

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Time Blahs

I think the summer time blahs hit me hard this past week - too hot and too humid to even want to do anything (especially creative). I didn't even want to go to the pool to cool off.

I did manage to finish my initial landscape mini-quilt. For a first attempt - not too bad. I then sketched (poorly) a second one and immediately went to work on it. While the sketching and related activities (tracing, patterning, etc) were not so hot, the idea is finally beginning to work through on the quilt. I'll keep you posted. I am still working on mastering "couching" with various threads and yarns.

We'll see whether it finishes itself or puts itself on the 'forget-about-it' shelf. Do you have one of those shelves? You know, it doesn't quite deserve the scrap bin, but neither does it deserve any more of your attention. Interesting how we have trouble throwing something we make away - we just put it away for the day when we pull it out and think "oh, it's not as bad as I remember it being." What does your 'forget-about-it' shelf have on it?

I think I am about caught up on 'blog reading'. Lot's happened during my hiatus from daily reading. I tried to go back and get caught up but I'm afraid I may have to go forward at this point. I'm getting behind in my own postings.

Did I show you these pillow covers I made for my daughter in San Diego? If so, skip the photo below.

I had to make sure she knew this was NOT a symetrical design - she can't stand it when things are not orderly or aligned correctly. I thought I would be okay if she picked out the fabric and knew up front it was not symetrical so she wouldn't be expecting perfect alignment. Anyway, she really liked them.

I have to go take the crib out of my studio. I need the space. My 'new baby' (sewing machine) takes more room than the one it is replacing. I'll post a photo when I get the studio back in order.

Hugs to all - Marie

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm Back!

It is so quiet around here tonight you could hear a pin drop. After the last four weeks of either being company or having company, I'm just plain tired of talking. We had absolutely great visits and are sad that everyone is gone.

I am so far behind in reading my blog friends - I'm embarassed. Please bear with me while I catch up. (Do you say 'bear with me' or 'bare with me' - hmmm - that could be interesting!)

My sewing studio is now a nursery - tomorrow back to sewing. I have not touched a machine (or fabric) in almost a month. I think I am having withdrawal symptoms. I was visiting on line with Glen tonight and she gave me a great idea - I am going to move my CD player into my sewing studio so I can listen to audio books. I don't care for television or movies, but I am an avid reader and this will be my escape and let me be creative at the same time. Thank you Glen!

The Dude is now out of 'middle school' and is a freshman in high school. Seems like it was just yesterday - - - Being a Grandparent is a marvelous thing!

While my sister was here, we took a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains. What beautiful inspirations for landscape quilting! I can hardly wait to get back into the studios (and the fabric store). I am still trying to figure out how to get that 'smokey, hazy' look into a quilt.

More tomorrow - for now just wanted to say "I'm back and thank you for the positive thoughts".

Hugs to all - Marie

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Overwhelmed and laptop is not working right

This message is to all of you who may have left me comments the last few days. A severe thunderstorm fried the router Thursday night and I cannot get to my e-mail (which is on my wireless laptop) until SIL#2 comes to my rescue and installs the new router so my wireless will work. Big T uses a direct connect and doesn't go through the router - but my e-mail is not working. I will respond soon - bare with me please.

My sis comes in tonight, the wine club (which Big T and I sponsor) is tonight and The Dude is here to spend the night and see his Aunt and cousin. Forget the wine club, I'm just going to open the bottles and start in here and now.

M is going to the airport to pick up the company, Big T and I are going to the wine affair, The Dude is staying home playing Wii and I am right this minute making a huge pot of spaghetti to feed everyone at 10:00 p.m. tonight.

Hugs to all - I feel like the Titanic.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Too Much Going On

Too much going on here to write a lengthy post:
  • My sister, niece and baby are coming Saturday for 10 days
  • The Dude 'graduates' from 8th grade early next week
  • Trying to learn how to use my new Bernina without looking like an idiot
  • I'm still backlogged on reading all my favorite blogs and visiting with my favorite people
  • Have to go buy a high chair (Walmart)
  • Making lists about EVERYTHING
  • Teaching myself how to do a small landscape quilt ( 8X12) - so far it looks good
  • Making menus (and grocery lists) for the next 10 days
  • Procrastinating about ALL OF THE ABOVE

No time for photos today - that would mean the end of my procrastination spell.

Oh, I almost forgot - check out GerryArt for a really cool giveaway. Tell her I sent you please.

Hugs - Marie