Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Time Blahs

I think the summer time blahs hit me hard this past week - too hot and too humid to even want to do anything (especially creative). I didn't even want to go to the pool to cool off.

I did manage to finish my initial landscape mini-quilt. For a first attempt - not too bad. I then sketched (poorly) a second one and immediately went to work on it. While the sketching and related activities (tracing, patterning, etc) were not so hot, the idea is finally beginning to work through on the quilt. I'll keep you posted. I am still working on mastering "couching" with various threads and yarns.

We'll see whether it finishes itself or puts itself on the 'forget-about-it' shelf. Do you have one of those shelves? You know, it doesn't quite deserve the scrap bin, but neither does it deserve any more of your attention. Interesting how we have trouble throwing something we make away - we just put it away for the day when we pull it out and think "oh, it's not as bad as I remember it being." What does your 'forget-about-it' shelf have on it?

I think I am about caught up on 'blog reading'. Lot's happened during my hiatus from daily reading. I tried to go back and get caught up but I'm afraid I may have to go forward at this point. I'm getting behind in my own postings.

Did I show you these pillow covers I made for my daughter in San Diego? If so, skip the photo below.

I had to make sure she knew this was NOT a symetrical design - she can't stand it when things are not orderly or aligned correctly. I thought I would be okay if she picked out the fabric and knew up front it was not symetrical so she wouldn't be expecting perfect alignment. Anyway, she really liked them.

I have to go take the crib out of my studio. I need the space. My 'new baby' (sewing machine) takes more room than the one it is replacing. I'll post a photo when I get the studio back in order.

Hugs to all - Marie


  1. We are having hot humid weather too! Hate it :(
    Plus the mosquitoes are INSANE! With all the cool damp weather, they are populating like crazy. It's no fun outside.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Oh - LOVE the pillows!

  2. It is freezing here. Only 2deg celius. Have the heater cranked up. Good sewing weather.

    Oh yes I have many of those throw in the cupboard project. GRRRRRRRRRR.

    Love your daughters pillows.

  3. My forget-about-it shelf had a dress I started making for a little girl that I became so frustrated with. I took it out a couple of months ago, knew I wouldn't finish it, found a vintage hankie that looked good with the fabric, and cut it up to make a sachet that is in my shop! Sometimes you just have to let the original idea go! Can't wait to see those quilts!!

  4. I am home from vacationing in Yosemite and Lake Tahoe now. And first thing I did was run over here! LOL.

    I love the pillows. But won't talk about MY forget-about-it-shelf/box/corner/closet/.........


  5. I ADORE your pillow covers. You know me, I can totally deal with asymmetrical. That's so me :) OOH, couching. I can't wait to see how what you are working on comes out. Funny, I don't have a "forget about it" shelf. Either it gets finished or it gets destroyed and made into something else. If I don't like how something turns out, I can't keep it around me because it bugs me to see a failed attempt.


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