Friday, July 30, 2010

Grandmother's Butterfly Garden - Finished

Finished! My small quilt that I call Grandmother's Butterfly Garden is finished and posted on my etsy store. This quilt is hand-pieced, hand-quilted and machine raw-edge appliqued. it was fun to make and has my typical 'one-off' touch. I could not just do a Grandmother's Quilt - it had to be just a little different to be me.

While I was working on finishing the photo's and posting to etsy, I noticed we had new neighbors move into the back yard. I didn't even know anyone was looking at the place.

This should keep the squirrels busy for awhile. Big T's birthday present from CA looks really good out there and we can see it perfectly from the kitchen table.
Hugs - Marie

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Van Gogh Finished

In April (I think) I made this interpretation of Van Gogh's still life - Iris with machine embroidery. I became very disappointed when I could not find the 'right way' to frame it.

Here's the final finished product. After waiting, I can honestly say that I am very proud of it. It turned out well worth the wait. I brought it in to show Big T last night and he said "a little loud isn't it?" Sometimes he has good taste (when it matches mine) and other times he is off base. Guess which time this was?
You can see other views and a little more detail in my shop. Stop by and check it out.

I was so busy working on this, I forgot to finish the binding on Grandmother's Butterfly Garden. Back to the studio while it's quiet and peaceful, he and The Dude went to the movies for Big T's birthday adventure.
Hugs - Marie

Tuesday, July 27, 2010



The Quilts and Heirlooms Team at Etsy is going to feature my mini-landscape quilt, The Hills of Summer, in an upcoming blog on landscape and applique quilts.


I will let you know when it is to be posted.

I finished the hand quilting on my "Grandmother's Butterfly Garden" - just have to bind it and it will be ready to post. I used a gold metallic thread for the hand quilting to match the gold swirl in the fabric. Should be ready for photo's tomorrow.

Hugs - Marie

Friday, July 23, 2010

Landscapes, One-off's and Hexies

From a distance, my landscape quilt is 'not too bad'. But the 'couching' could be much better - so this one goes in the 'first time efforts' stack. I learned a lot from doing this one that will make my next effort much better (and easier).

I have also been working on my hand quilting efforts. My first (and many) attempts were quite interesting and amusing - in fact, maybe downright laughable. This photo is of my most recent effort during the cruise. I used my 'down time' to hand quilt this rose window pattern traced on a 20" square muslin quilt sandwich. I am actually quite pleased with it (if I don't compare it to everyone else). I think I will bind this one and actually find a use for it.

Currently (one of many on-going projects) I am working on a hexie applique for a one-off of a Grandmother's garden. Well, maybe more than a one-off. I am ready for the machine applique as the next step. I'll post a photo after the applique.

Did I tell you that I am taking the 'mastery classes' that came with my new Bernina? I'm loving this new machine. I think I went from a model-T to a Cadillac. (Of course the courses are focusing more on garment sewing than quilting so far - but I am learning the mastery of the machine and what all it will do. But the instructor keeps talking about 'sewing her own underwear' or something.)
By the way - the crib is STILL in my studio. Enough said!

Hugs - Marie

Monday, July 19, 2010

Blue and Orange

The Dude loves blue and orange. I know that everyone has a favorite color or color scheme - his just happens to be blue and orange. Not exactly high on my list of favorites (not on there at all, in fact) but Grandsons have ways of twisting Grandma's around their little finger and mine is no different.

Here's the fabric!

Here's the finished product - an e-reader pocket for his new e-reader. (And yes, he is reading Dracula - but only in the day time. He says he reads something else at night.)

He is delighted with it. Probably more so because he knows my aversion to working on blue and orange. His served as a prototype and I have an identical one listed on Hummingbird Treasures for sale.
Hugs to all - Marie

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Procrastination and The Wolfman

The Wolfman is going full force in total surround sound in the family room. It is a Papa and Dude bonding night. I don't know why they can't bond with a cute, chick flick or something. Maybe there is a reason to what movies they pick. Anyway - keeps me out of my studio. I think I'll take a good book and read in bed.
I have a lot of projects swimming around in my head right now but I seem to be procrastinating about all of them. I sit and hand sew on my little hexies, but seem to be avoiding anything more challenging right now. Hmmmm - could be that the crib is still in my studio and does not do anything for the creativity (not to say it is crowded, messy and just plain unappealing right now). I can't decide whether I want to make a traditional Grandmother's Garden quilt or combine the traditional flowers appliqued for a more modern garden look. Meanwhile my flowers are multiplying during this procrastination spell.
I roughed out a pattern for an e-reader pocket envelope yesterday. I think I'll try the first one out of denim. Shouldn't take too long once I fight my way back into the studio. I'll try and remember to take pictures along the way. Maybe I need to move the camera where I think about it.
I seem to have a case of poison ivy (or something related). Me, the one who never goes outside - never leaves the screen porch, avoids anything besides the pool outside. Anyway, it is now spreading from the inside of my knee down my leg - so it's liberal Octagon soap, peroxide, cortisone cream and predisone for the next week or so.
Ok it's off to bed with a good sexy novel. I'll teach them to watch The Wolfman without me. (Howling is now coming down the stairs and throughout the house. It's a good thing the windows are closed or the neighbors would be alarmed that something was going on over here.)
Hugs to you all - Marie

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Back Home from the Cruise

This is what was waiting for us as we arrove home from our Bahama cruise. This beautiful tall oak at the very edge of the property was struck by lightening sometime during the five days we were gone. If you look closely you can see where it was struck in the middle and where the base shattered. You can see the scorched earth where the lightening went through the tree and into the ground. (We also lost a GFI circuit in the garage and the refrigerator and the freezer went out.)

So sad to think about losing this beautiful tree but at least it wasn't the house. Big T says he thinks it is gone but we'll wait awhile to be sure before we do anything. (Not really sure whether this tree is on our property or the neighbors - it actually straddles the property line.)

The cruise was good (seas calm and weather was hot). For the first time, it was a pleasant experience. Loved the time with family and doing absolutely nothing. I could feel the rocking of the ship in the theater and so stayed away from the shows, etc. But the rest was manageable.
I finished my hand quilting project just as we docked back in Charleston. I finally decided to use the opportunity to polish my hand quilting with a 'rose window' pattern. If I can find the camera tomorrow I will post a photo.
Hugs - Marie

Thursday, July 1, 2010

What to Do?

Less than 6 days till we leave on a cruise - 5 nights to the Bahama's and back. We just decided yesterday to join M and family. It will be the first cruise for all of us. I am already worrying about what to take. No, not clothes - that's the simple part - shorts, sun dresses, sandals, and swimsuit. I'm worrying about what to take to do while on the cruise. Something fun, easy and doesn't take up much room. OK, here are my choices - maybe all three.

  1. Work on assembling the hexagons that are cut out

  2. Baste my corner scrappy cuts for my 'flower fields' mini-quilt

  3. Add the decorative hand stitches and texture to my Mr. St. Helen's interpretation

Oh yeah, get this! M and the Dude both got e-readers for Mother's Day and Graduation. Grandma has to take the old fashioned book with her on the cruise. Something is not right with this picture. I may have to find a deck chair on a different part of the ship. I plan to plant myself and do absolutely nothing unless I want to do it. I can hardly wait!! Big T is worried that they only have 8 meals a day.

The cooler weather feels good but it is still too humid to open the house. The Dude says the pool is freezing today; hard to imagine when it was so warm a day or so ago. I'll take this weather any day.

Hugs - Marie