Friday, July 23, 2010

Landscapes, One-off's and Hexies

From a distance, my landscape quilt is 'not too bad'. But the 'couching' could be much better - so this one goes in the 'first time efforts' stack. I learned a lot from doing this one that will make my next effort much better (and easier).

I have also been working on my hand quilting efforts. My first (and many) attempts were quite interesting and amusing - in fact, maybe downright laughable. This photo is of my most recent effort during the cruise. I used my 'down time' to hand quilt this rose window pattern traced on a 20" square muslin quilt sandwich. I am actually quite pleased with it (if I don't compare it to everyone else). I think I will bind this one and actually find a use for it.

Currently (one of many on-going projects) I am working on a hexie applique for a one-off of a Grandmother's garden. Well, maybe more than a one-off. I am ready for the machine applique as the next step. I'll post a photo after the applique.

Did I tell you that I am taking the 'mastery classes' that came with my new Bernina? I'm loving this new machine. I think I went from a model-T to a Cadillac. (Of course the courses are focusing more on garment sewing than quilting so far - but I am learning the mastery of the machine and what all it will do. But the instructor keeps talking about 'sewing her own underwear' or something.)
By the way - the crib is STILL in my studio. Enough said!

Hugs - Marie


  1. OMG! You brought back memories. My mother was quite an accomplished seamstress. She made our underwear, my dad's suits, my brother's easter suit and ALL of my clothes. I hated it.

    When I got married I swore I would have bought made clothes. I hated sewing all that stuff. She was nuts. Still is, but that is another matter.

    glen: I love your hand quilting and am very jealous about those classes.

  2. You did not give us a good look at your landscape. I am sure you are being hard on yourself.
    Your hand quilting looks great. that is another thing I would like to do one day.
    Oh yes the Bernina is a beautiful machine.I just replaced my first one ( which was 40yrs old) last year with the 440 QE.
    Enjoy it.

  3. WOW, hand quilting. You're my hero :) Mine hand stitching looks like slop next to yours. Aw, I'm sorry to see the volcano hit the reject pile. I'd keep at and and try to hide the "boo boo's". I hate to see it abandoned!

  4. Well, as long as you're learning along the way, then you've accomplished something! Your hand quilting is impressive and you should be proud of yourself! I'm hand quilting Shylee's quilt and it's been 15 years since I did that...and it shows too!!!!

  5. Those are so cool!
    My home town has their summer festival this weekend. Going to the quilt show tomorrow will take some photos :)


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