Thursday, July 29, 2010

Van Gogh Finished

In April (I think) I made this interpretation of Van Gogh's still life - Iris with machine embroidery. I became very disappointed when I could not find the 'right way' to frame it.

Here's the final finished product. After waiting, I can honestly say that I am very proud of it. It turned out well worth the wait. I brought it in to show Big T last night and he said "a little loud isn't it?" Sometimes he has good taste (when it matches mine) and other times he is off base. Guess which time this was?
You can see other views and a little more detail in my shop. Stop by and check it out.

I was so busy working on this, I forgot to finish the binding on Grandmother's Butterfly Garden. Back to the studio while it's quiet and peaceful, he and The Dude went to the movies for Big T's birthday adventure.
Hugs - Marie


  1. That is gorgeous! You really captured the iris and Van Gogh's style.

  2. That is just stunning...not loud!!!! I think it's perfect!!

  3. How did I miss this? Now I really like the way you put it together. D*** fine job, Mable!

    glen: LOL


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