Saturday, July 17, 2010

Procrastination and The Wolfman

The Wolfman is going full force in total surround sound in the family room. It is a Papa and Dude bonding night. I don't know why they can't bond with a cute, chick flick or something. Maybe there is a reason to what movies they pick. Anyway - keeps me out of my studio. I think I'll take a good book and read in bed.
I have a lot of projects swimming around in my head right now but I seem to be procrastinating about all of them. I sit and hand sew on my little hexies, but seem to be avoiding anything more challenging right now. Hmmmm - could be that the crib is still in my studio and does not do anything for the creativity (not to say it is crowded, messy and just plain unappealing right now). I can't decide whether I want to make a traditional Grandmother's Garden quilt or combine the traditional flowers appliqued for a more modern garden look. Meanwhile my flowers are multiplying during this procrastination spell.
I roughed out a pattern for an e-reader pocket envelope yesterday. I think I'll try the first one out of denim. Shouldn't take too long once I fight my way back into the studio. I'll try and remember to take pictures along the way. Maybe I need to move the camera where I think about it.
I seem to have a case of poison ivy (or something related). Me, the one who never goes outside - never leaves the screen porch, avoids anything besides the pool outside. Anyway, it is now spreading from the inside of my knee down my leg - so it's liberal Octagon soap, peroxide, cortisone cream and predisone for the next week or so.
Ok it's off to bed with a good sexy novel. I'll teach them to watch The Wolfman without me. (Howling is now coming down the stairs and throughout the house. It's a good thing the windows are closed or the neighbors would be alarmed that something was going on over here.)
Hugs to you all - Marie


  1. Cute write, Marie ~ You poor dear, use IVY DRY, it is the best thing on the market available at any drugstore! Drs told us about it because Harold & Joshua are highly allergic to it. Of all the issues in life that I have, poison ivy doesn't bother thankfully.

    Enjoy your sexy novel!

    Have a lovely summer's eve ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  2. It's nice they are bonding, even if it gets a bit loud :) I usually tell my men to bond some where else, so I have peace and quite.

  3. Poison Ivy??? They say you can get it from just having the air bring the itchies to you.

    glen: I think I have the sympathetic itchies with you........

  4. so sorry about your poison ivy. My son can walk by it and it jumps on him.
    It is too hot to do much sewing.


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