Friday, July 30, 2010

Grandmother's Butterfly Garden - Finished

Finished! My small quilt that I call Grandmother's Butterfly Garden is finished and posted on my etsy store. This quilt is hand-pieced, hand-quilted and machine raw-edge appliqued. it was fun to make and has my typical 'one-off' touch. I could not just do a Grandmother's Quilt - it had to be just a little different to be me.

While I was working on finishing the photo's and posting to etsy, I noticed we had new neighbors move into the back yard. I didn't even know anyone was looking at the place.

This should keep the squirrels busy for awhile. Big T's birthday present from CA looks really good out there and we can see it perfectly from the kitchen table.
Hugs - Marie


  1. The quilt is amazing!! How many hours did it take?

    That squirrel will probably find a way in - they always do :)

  2. WOW!!! WOW, WOW! I'm going straight over to heart it so everyone can see it on my Favs on my blog. It's just pretty.

    OMG, love the little little home in a log. It's just to freakin adorable.

  3. Love the butterfly garden! It looks like the path of the b'flies as they were flitting about!

    I hope your new tennants are not too noisy. Or nosey! LOL

    glen: quilts and dogs

  4. Your Butterly quilt is lovely.

    I love the wee windows and door on the tree. Just cute.
    Yes hope the sqirrels are not noisy pary animals.LOL

  5. Oh, that quilt turned out beautiful!!! It's something I would want to look at in the dead of winter to remind me there's something to look forward to!

    How adorable that tree set is!!! Where did you get it? I can see it as Christmas gifts for people on my list!!


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