Sunday, August 8, 2010

Two Down

These mini-quilt nursery wall hangings were so much fun to make. They are approximately 10" square and are machine pieced and embroidered with hand quilting. I'm quite pleased with how these turned out.

I have a set of chestnut brown napkins to embroider and am trying to decide whether the traditional fall leaves or something a little different. Maybe a 'simple' cornucopia without a lot of fill around it. Or maybe I let them set for the day and see what my creativity says in my sleep tonight.

I have several more strips cut for the nursery wall hangings. I think I'll wait on those to see what response I get from my etsy store. (It's beginning to sound as if I'm procrastinating - if so, not intentionally.)

Back to the studio - Hugs - Marie


  1. Those nursery hangings are too cute. Maybe when I get my space cleaned up a bit I will have time to work on some things. I am so jealous.

    glen: I think we need to move so I will be FORCED to clean up my room......

  2. Those are SOOO sweet. You should do a whole ABC collection. Maybe pair the letter with a pic to match. THAT would be so fun.

    I think fall leaves would be great for your napkins. Maybe some acorns and a pumpkin??? I LOVE Fall, so the possibilities are endless.

    P.S. I left my shout out about your landscape quilt on the blog that featured you :)

  3. Lovely little wall hangings.
    I think Acorns would look great on your napkins.

  4. those sure are cute. those embroidery machines are amazing.


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