Monday, August 9, 2010

Feedback Wanted

What do you think? Too far out or ok? I seem to be gravitating more and more toward this for some reason. I'm not sure why - I've always been a very conservative person. Big T just keeps looking at me like "what are you doing?"

This is the most recent to come out of my studio. Although there is another just waiting for the photos when I finish the binding. (I think it is even brighter than this one.)

I think I need some 'honest, unbiased opinions'. So if you have any to share, let me know what you think of some of my recent undertakings. (I mean REALLY THINK - not just bloggy politeness.)

It started with this.

This was the first move into the bold colors and 'out of the box'.

Maybe I'm having nightmares and this is my way to express it. I'm a little old to be undergoing a personality change. Has anyone else experienced this total turn around in what they are creating and designing?

Hugs - Marie


  1. Oh, Marie, I think these pieces are GREAT ! ! !
    The quilting really sets them off.
    I'd be proud to hang either the first or third on my wall any day.
    The blue/purple is a little too tame in color for me but the flow of the shape is eye-appealing.
    Keep those babies coming.
    Hugs & ♥♥♥s,
    oh, btw, I'm having a frenchy-frenchy giveaway
    : ^ }

  2. As I love working with brights I just love your new work Marie.

  3. Those those winning irises for me:D I like what you are doing even though I don't do brights in my home I do like them. I like the leaves quilt and the quilting is neat too.

  4. I love the bold colors!! The top one is amazing!
    keep it up - your hubby will get used to it :)

  5. I like the texture of the first one. How big is it?

  6. Hi Vivian - welcome to Hummingbird Treasures. The first one above is approximately 11" by 13". You can see it in more detail at

    I am so glad you stopped by.

    Hugs - Marie

  7. I like this piece a lot. It is both modern and traditional with the colors and the irises.

    I think that when we transition from what we are used to and everyone expects to a new direction and out of the box things, we oftne feel uncomfortable. It is not until we getcomfortable with what we are doing that we become more at ease with our work.

    So think to yourself, do "I" like what I have done? If you do, then ask, what will happen if I do this? or this? or that? and try those things.

    You will find your groove.

    glen: but i like the path you are taking to get there!

  8. I feel horrible. I've clearly missed a weeks worth of your newest works. BAD friend for neglecting you. Can I just, love, LOVE your newest creations. Seriously my friend, you seem to outdo yourself every time. The fall leaves are simply beautiful and you already know that I adore your Van Gogh tribute. I love that you are pushing your creative envelope with these.


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