Sunday, February 28, 2010

Feeling Really Old

I am feeling really old right now - the Dude just went on his first date. I don't know if I'm excited and happy or if I want to cry (probably both). His papa drove them to the show and promised to sit in another part of the theater (or see a different show). Sure does bring back the memories though.

Meanwhile, am trying to schedule the first meeting of our neighborhood wine club. This is like herding cats. When I get the folks in the neighborhood on the same path and date, I can't get a tasting vendor lined up. Who thought scheduling a wine tasting could be so hard - you get some bottles, some cheese and crackers and your set - right? No - now you need a theme, a region, snacks that go with the specific theme and a method of scoring the wine. This is getting complicated.

The pot roast in the crock pot is simmering away. If I keep opening the lid, it'll never get done. I added the potatoes, onions, celery and carrots about an hour ago and now I just have to resist the tempation and keep the lid firmly on it. Great smells coming from the kitchen.

I took a class this last Friday on 'free motion quilting' from Linderella's. I am in process of making a 'scribble quilt'. I will probably have a whole library of scribble quilts before I try it out on one of my quilts. The idea is to practice free form on a sandwiched muslin quilt to learn the rhythm of the motion. Right now it is still a battle of who is in control - me or the quilt! (I think the quilt is winning. Certainly is a lesson in humility.)

My puzzle (mind-numbing activity which doesn't require thinking of any kind) is almost complete. I started this one during our first snow storm. So far we haven't had enough snow so that I can finish it. I seem to be missing at least one dark colored piece. Since I only have blue sky and blue water left, I accused Big T of hiding my missing piece. He claims innocence but I'm not sure I believe him. I have had the dining room table occupied for almost a month. I may have to dust the puzzle if I don't get it finished soon.

The Little Miss recieved her baby doll blanket but she uses it for her and tells her mommie 'no-no-no-no' when her mommie wraps up her baby doll. K says she has already had to wash it several times. She loves the lace and the Winnie-the-Pooh.



  1. Yummy, pot roast in the slow cooker.
    We have yet to wait til the veggies are done before we begin nibbling on the roast.
    By the time the veggies are cooked there is very little roast to accompany them.
    Hey, I can smell it from here,

  2. Gerry - the roast was fantastic (needed just a little horse radish) but I ate more than I needed I'm afraid. I didn't need any desert after dinner. :)

  3. Hello happy you stopped by my little blog. Come back Friday as I always bake a pie for all of you! I remember my son's first date...two cute girls came to pick him up to take him to the movies...cracked me up ;-)
    your friend,

  4. I did a roast in the crockpot last week! YUMMY!
    We're still waiting for one of our boys to go on a first date and they are 18 & 19 years old. To picky I guess :)

  5. The date was a success. The dude smiled all night :) I do think Papa was sad; he just said "I wanted to take the dude to see that movie". We're waiting to see if there's a second in the near future.

    On another note, you made pot roast and we had roast chicken. Our's was yummy, too. Plus now we have enough leftover for at least 3 more meals.

  6. A wine tasting party sounds like so much fun right now! We went to and hosted many of those when we lived in Germany. I fell in love with German reisling.

  7. Hey stop stealing ideas from my brain! I did roast beast in the crock pot last night. MMMMM. I just saw your response that you listen to Guns N Roses. I hereby declare that that single fact means you can never be old :) ROCK ON!!!

    I'll be honest, I never heard the term "scribble quilt" until you wrote about it. Of course I had to Google it and from what I saw, they are pretty free form. I say put the petal to the metal and just go for it (but you know how I am!).

    You're right, I never knew something that involved booze and food could be that complex! I vote you start the "Winos Club...rules, bring any ole bottle of the vino and whatever munchies you like and drink up :)

  8. I could be the president of the 'winos club'. Chianti at 2.98 a bottle used to be good wine. AND when you finished you could put the empty on a tin pie plate and let a colored candle drip down the sides. Hmmmm - I have one of those around somewhere.

  9. How are your scribble quilts coming? I'm afraid my anaconda string quilt is winning but I'm going to try again in a few days!


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