Saturday, February 6, 2010

12 Hours Later . . .

Twelve hours later and still no water. The entire neighborhood is out so we are all suffering equally. Big T did bring in a couple of buckets of snow to melt so we do have the luxury of using the facilities - but no shower I'm afraid. Oh well, at least it didn't happen last weekend during the big snowfall.

So it has been a relatively quiet day with not much going on. I have been busy in my studio most of the day (except for a very long luxurious nap). Why is it that I am always out of white thread? I cannot believe how often I have to stop a project because I am out of white thread. I think the thread gremlins play tricks on me. I swear I just bought some a couple of weeks back. Hmmmmm! I cannot finish my latest wall hanging until I go back to the store. And while I love living in a very small rural community, it means a trip of 30 miles or so one way to get a spool of thread. The love of my life doesn't understand why I can't just use one of those other hundred spools or so.

We are going to a super bowl party tomorrow night. I hope I don't embarass Big T when I ask 'who is playing' and 'which color is which team'. Maybe I should study it just a tiny bit before we go. Although no water tomorrow may mean no party. I can just sit and drink wine and look sportsy all night.

The Dude called after his eye appointment to say he needs glasses. He is an avid reader but surprisingly enough, he doesn't need them for reading but for seeing across the room or board work at school. Maybe this well help the headaches although he inherits the tendancy toward migraines I'm afraid.

Book club meets this week and I still have not started the book. I did get a copy but haven't opened it yet. It's a good thing that I'm a fast reader or I might not make it. The name of our local book club is "The You Don't Have to Read The Book, Book Club". We formed the book club as we all moved into our new development to get to know one another and we became fast friends. The meeting next week is at our house - I guess this means I have to clean. Yuck, that's almost worse than cooking. Maybe I'll serve wine and cheese and crackers. That'll be different from our traditional desserts.

The Little Miss walked into a wall the other day and the Nanny (who believes that something sweet makes everything feel better) rubbed pancake syrup on her little forehead. K said when she came home after work, the house (and baby) smelled like pancakes.

From me to you, lots of hugs and thanks for joining me in my new adventures of learning to be creative and artistic.


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  1. When are you going to post a picture of your new quilt/project wall??? And I'm very glad to hear you have water...we were worried you were all gonna come over here for a shower and we're down to one bathroom because the hubs is finally painting The Dude's bathroom. Guess he doesn't like having to get up at 5 am so we can all get to work/school on time. Funny, what motivates people!


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