Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Prep for Book Club - Major Event at my house

The snow is almost gone and the cool rain today will finish the rest of it. The picture is an igloo/castle that was an icy driveway chopped in sections and then carefully stacked. No, we didn't do it, but the neighbors directly across did and they aren't home to enjoy it, so I thought we would share. The second picture is our backyard on a snowy day through laser enhancing glasses. Kind of a neat but strange view on the world.

The house is clean and ready for book club. The dessert ingredients are assembled waiting for tomorrow morning. The wine is ready for mulling. After book club, I'll share my super easy dessert recipe if it's good. If you don't hear anything about it from me, you can assume Marie was in the kitchen again. (Not always a good thing. After all that's why I have M - she's a great cook AND actually likes it.) I figure if I serve enough mulled wine, they won't remember what we had for dessert. Big T may have to be on stand-by as the designated driver. I almost forgot - I still need to finish the book.

I think I'm ready to dust off my attempt at a young adult novel again. I've probably procrastinated long enough after the last round of edits. I think it needs a major 'start again' effort.

I finished a very simple recycled bluejean pocket 'grab 'n go' bag. Small but cute. I'll post it out on Hummingbird Treasures this afternoon and see what kind of response I'll get.

Oh, I almost forgot - I won $25 in the pool at the Super Bowl Party. I'm still not sure just who won but I'm $25 richer today. Big T keeps telling me the money for the original bet came from his pocket, not mine - he was just being nice putting my name in the little square.


  1. Seriously...I'd pay to be that fly on the wall while you guys drink wine and "talk about books". That make shift ice sculpture is SO cool. Glad you got a pic of it...are you going to share it with the neighbor?

    That blue jean tote is WAY cool. Maybe when I next decide to destroy some old clothes, I should play with some denim.

    YAY for dusting off your novel. Now I have one more tortured writer to go through the process with me!

  2. E-mailed the pic to her, waiting to hear back from them on their vacation. I think the 'red' picture will make a great background for my novel.


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