Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wednesday Ramblings

The consolidation of two closets into one is almost finished and I have another large stack of clothing to go to the consignment store which supports battered women and children. It is becoming quite obvious that my professional business attire is not getting any use at all. My jeans are just fine (and a lot more comfortable). My newly expanded home studio is getting closer and closer.

I have not sat at a sewing machine since we arrived back from San Diego. I think I may be having withdrawal symptoms but I am trying to hold off until we are through with the room. I have several major projects I want to get started on soon. (More than several if the truth be known.)

I have been busy with blog changes but now it is time to look at This is a good time to revisit and update the store policies and the shipping information.

Since I am not sewing yet (intentionally), I have spent a lot of time this week looking at other blogs. As in everything else, they run the entire gamut from ‘okay’ to ‘wow’. These have been blogs written by women, for the most part, with a common goal – to sell handmade items over the net. But the one thing that really jumps out at me is that there are no geographical, political, or philosophical boundaries. I wonder if there aren’t some lessons here that could be shared with “big business” or even our political leaders?? Food for thought.

From me to you, lots of hugs and thanks for joining me in my new adventures of learning to be creative and artistic



  1. Your new studio enviornment looks great. It will give you (us!) much more room to work.

  2. And it feels good too. I make myself stop and put things back now which as we both know is an oddity.


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