Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Alygatr Day

Yesterday was the day of OMG surprises all the way around and they almost all had Alygatr’s name on them. First, I opened my valentine swap and found out my blogging buddy was my valentine partner (more about my beautiful gift a little later on); then I found out I had received the Kreativ Blogging Award (again compliments of Alygatr) and as I was reading her blog – OMG there was my Peter Rabbit quilt featured on her Etsy favorites. Last, but not least, Big T bought the quilt wall ‘board’ and screws today. Today should be THE DAY!

From now on days full of surprises around my house will be called “alygatr days”. What fun for an entire day.

Last Thursday I lost all my ‘followers’ on my blog. I was sad as if I had lost my best friends. I kept checking back every once in awhile to see if they had magically reappeared or if they had fallen into the black hole of blogging. Today, you are all back and seemingly in good health. Don’t scare me like that.

Big T and the Dude crashed their big model airplane on its first flight (which went nowhere but down). The smaller but much cheaper plane flew higher and further than they thought it would. The Dude had to chase it across the soccer field with the remote to control(?) it. They spent the last 45 minutes throwing rocks and sticks into a pine tree that had eaten the plane. Persistence paid off and the small plane returned home with them. The large plane has assumed a place of honor in a corner of the garage – future to be determined.

I have the fabric cut for the diaper bag and have memorized the directions. Now I need to let my subconscious put it together in my sleep before I put needle to fabric. Don’t laugh - I save myself a lot of headaches that way. My subconscious makes the mistakes so I don’t have to. Of course, this does tend to cause a few sleepless nights just lying there letting my mind wonder where it may. I need to finish this by the end of this coming week (self-imposed deadline) so I start to work on machine embroidering her reversible bedspread.

Tomorrow will be dedicated to the sharing the Kreativ Blogging Award. I have to think of seven things you would want to know about me. The Dude thinks I should let him write that list. That might be kind of fun but I reserve the right to edit his list.

And now (drum roll please) my gift from Alygatr in the infamous valentine swap. Isn’t it beautiful!! I love it. It is hanging in a place of honor for all to see as soon as they come in. I do not have anything else like it. She is a very talented and creative lady. Please visit her shop on Etsy to see that talent for yourself.

From me to you, lots of hugs and thanks for joining me in my new adventures of learning to be creative and artistic.



  1. That is totally beautiful!!!! What a great day for you :*) Don't you love it when everything falls into place!! and falls into YOUR place.ehehhee.

  2. Aw...I'm so happy ou got it...and love it :) It's so nice to hear that my name will bring you good thoughts!!

    I'm sorry your Little Dude's plane did a crash and burn. I'm glad they were able to get it back though.

    It's so funny to hear you talk about going through instructions like that...and dreaming about it. I do that too...only I usually spend a lot of thought time on how I can work around the instructions! I'm horrible at following has been noted since I was in the 1st grade..."plays nicely with other but doesn't like to follow directions!"

  3. I was the opposite - I played nicely and always followed the rules to the "T". No fun, no daring, just follow the rules. Now it is finally different and I'm loving it.

    Jeannie - You're absolutely right (and (I don't even feel guilty for a change).

  4. Following instructions can be a good thing too. I can't tell you how many projects I've messed up (and wasted time and supplies)...then later went back and discovered if I'd taken 5 minutes to follow the instructions that I would have been OK. I tend to skip steps or just chuck the instructions altogether!

  5. I love instructions but just not too many!

  6. They sometimes get in the way when you feel something else pushing its way through. I started a table runner last night and half-way through, it became a really neat, oversized tote bag. I'm still not sure how that happened.

  7. Bummer plane crash!
    Your heart swap gift is fabulous. Love those roses. Very nice.

  8. Hearts are so beautiful, it's great to take part in valentine swap


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