Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January Continues

Thanks to Audrey’s organization of the valentine swap, I have received the name and address of my swap partner. My item is ready to be wrapped and will be in the mail tomorrow. This is so exciting. I feel like a little girl waiting for a present in the mail.

I have nailed down the pattern to be used for the custom diaper bag I am making for a friend to give as a gift. Next a trip to Linderella’s and she can pick the exact fabric she desires from their delightful collection. It will be complementing and contrasting shades of yellow since that’s the color of the nursery décor. More on this to come as it progresses.

We are going to Joann’s today to get the batting to cover the quilt wall. Daughter #1 got a 50% off coupon in the mail so that will certainly help since I need a solid piece to cover a 4’ by 8’ area (plus the edges and overlap in back). The question is – will I make it out of there without buying anything else? (The answer is – no I didn’t. I found the neatest covered box that will fit perfectly in my new shelving unit.)

I think my contemporary quilt art prototype project will also qualify as an entry in the “no strings attached challenge”. According to the instructions, this will meet all the criteria. This may provide just a little more incentive to keep working on this project and not let it slide into the UFO stack. I think I may be stuck in the planning phase. Time to quit planning and DO!!

Actually, I only have four items in the UFO’s. I managed to get a lot cleared up between Thanksgiving and Christmas. (I was actually targeting 100% completion, but I’m happy with just 4 left – it’s kind of like sourdough starter – you have to leave a little in the jar to make more.)

I made the string quilt blocks last night. I could really get hooked on these. I like the fact that you see an end product so quickly. Now to get busy and finish them and get them posted. Stay tuned. I did post my patchwork heart mini-quilt on Etsy this morning. That’s my first new posting of the year. Wow – I need to get busy. It’s already the 19th of January and I have only finished one item??? Well, not exactly, I also finished the valentine swap item so that counts for two. The count for 2010 as of this posting is:

Number of UFO’s – 4 (carry overs)
Number of Projects started – 4
Number of Finished Projects - 2

The Dude is here (finally). He is out of school until Thursday so he will be here until Wednesday evening. Sure makes a difference in the noise level around here. It was beginning to sound like a mausoleum before he got here. He manages to keep both of us on our toes at all times. By the way, I lost the Wii bowling tournament – no surprise there. I don’t think I’ve won one yet. I wonder if they make quilting for the Wii? Maybe I could at least place in that one.

From me to you, lots of hugs and thanks for joining me in my new adventures of learning to be creative and artistic.



  1. I've been banned from Joann's...or at least, from buying anymore fabric :) Truth is...I have SO much...and really need to start using it. My problem is I fall in love with my fabric and hate to part with any of it!! I have so many ideas...I just need to put the ole sewing machine in gear and start making the stuff.

  2. I started using some of my fabric treasures today for a perfect border and binding on my strip quilt wall hanging and I actually felt guilty for using it. Spouses just don't understand.

  3. It sounds like you are on a roll!!

  4. I love this mini-quilt it's so romantic.

  5. Thank you all - I may have a small following but it is a great one.


  6. It was quiet around here while the Dude was at your place. I may have to come over when he does! And your Valentine swap buddy is going to love what you made; I know I do!


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