Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas Decorations

Bah humbug! I hate taking down Christmas decorations and this time I waited as long as possible before tackling the hated job. Big T helped pack them all up and they are stored in their little secure corner of the attic. It makes me so sad that I usually end up shedding a tear or so before it’s over.

The question of the day – when you buy new Christmas decorations, do you get rid of the old ones? Or at least quit using them? When I make new placemats, do I pass some old ones on to someone? No?? I thought not. How can you throw Christmas decorations away? I’m sure there must be a law against it somewhere. I feel guilty when I throw used Christmas cards away. I’m sure the Christmas card police are waiting to go through my trash.

The house looks so empty and sterile now. All my Christmas quilts are put away and I don’t have anything out now. (I have to dust first. After all I couldn’t dust while the decorations were out, now could I?) And to top it all off, Big T has found an “oldies but goodies” radio station and listening to music from the 60’s makes me even sadder. These are the same songs we listened to while we were dating – boy that was a long time ago.

My new home studio (aka sewing room) is coming along beautifully. I broke down and made something yesterday before it is 100% finished and I loved working in it. I have to hurry and take a picture to post. The last part of the make-over is my quilt wall. Hopefully, we get that finished before too much longer.

My first project in my new room was a mini-quilt with a patchwork heart on it. I think I will use this as my “valentine swap item”. It’s so cute, I may make several to post on my Etsy shop.

We talked to Little Miss on the phone last night (which means we talked and she just made adorable sounds and giggled). She has learned to say Grandma even if it does sound like “Bob”. After all, The Dude called me “Adam” for several years.

The homemade potato soup was absolutely fantastic (and the second bowl was too much). I love hot soup on a cold night. Actually, I love soups in general. I would rather eat soup than a salad. My grandmother always had a pot of soup simmering on the back burner of her stove. Many years later, we discovered that she simply opened a can and poured it in the pan. She was a terrible cook - I should have known something was up when we could eat the soup.

Hooray - I'm starting to get proof that someone is reading this. I'm so excited. Thank you! I'm no longer just talking to myself.

From me to you, lots of hugs and thanks for joining me in my new adventures of learning to be creative and artistic.



  1. I can't throw Christmas decorations away either. I just simply put them quietly back in the boxes and don't put them out. I'd love to have a "decorator" Christmas Tree, like the ones you see in the craft shows. But, when I get all those personal ornaments, the winnie-the-pooh and Christopher Robin in the rocking chair reminds me of when The Dude had to watch that dvd every night to stop the night terrors. Or the Peter Rabbit one makes me think of how he listened to Beatrix Potter every night to go to sleep. And now, the ornaments of Star Wars and video games...all a catalog of precious memories. And all my ornaments from you and Big T over the years...a decorator tree just couldn't replace them!

  2. Just think the attic could suddenly come alive with yesterday's decorations like "Night at the Museum". Hmmmm - might make a good movie.

  3. You are too funny!! I know I must talk to myself..hahah..a.I don't even need a blog to do that.
    Your soup sounds good and a nice loaf of bread would go really good with it and a few brownies!

  4. Thanks Jeannie - Homemade bread would have been great. I'll have to remember that next time. This time we had cornbread (not exactly my favorite - unless its cornbread IN milk, an Oklahoma treat.)

  5. I love cornbread in buttermilk!!

  6. My two daughters were raised on cornbread and milk as I was. It is a real treat in our house but we have to eat it when Big T is not around. He favors coke in milk.


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