Friday, January 15, 2010

January Blahs

I think the January blahs have set in at our house. It’s much quieter than normal. Of course I think it is also because the Dude hasn’t been over since going back to school. Big T has had some kind of laryngitis(?) and a terrible cough so the Dude has not been allowed over until he is better. One good dose of the Dude and all should be back to normal. Also, it has been too cold here to go outside and the house gets smaller every day. (I know, but remember we live in North Carolina – this is supposed to be the south.)

My needlecraft club asked me to speak last night about my “adventures” of learning how to set up an on-line store and sell homemade items over the internet. We had a fun couple of hours and I probably discouraged them all with my stories. It was interesting to sit and think through the process and the challenges of the last 8 months. One of my friends suggested I write a book – now where do you think I could fit that in?

A friend was giving away copies of some old quilting magazines last night. They all made their round of the table with the favorites disappearing before they were passed on. (I managed to snag a few – I was at the front of the table.) Most of the quilts shown were in the more traditional patterns. A few of the earlier contemporary quilts were displayed, but not highlighted. A common topic around the table was the exorbitant cost of magazines lately. All were in agreement that it was too much but we keep buying them anyway.

I have the strips cut for my first venture into a more contemporary quilt art project. This is definitely a prototype project - probably a prototype of the prototype. I’m starting on a small scale and will keep it a deep, dark secret until I am finished. I can see in my head what I want the end product to be, but I have no guidelines to help me get there. More on this later.

My valentine swap item is ready to go. I’m just waiting on the info of where to send it. I’m very anxious to see what I receive in return. This is the first “swap” I have entered and it’s been fun to participate. I made two items and now the big decision – which one do I send. Hopefully, this will gain some exposure to both my blog and my shop.

We found the perfect quilt wall for my home studio. We went to this really neat fabric store we found in Pinehurst and there it was hanging back in the classroom. Carl and Linda were so helpful they gave us the dimensions and how to do it. If you are close at all, stop in at Linderella’s and enjoy the brightness and displays of color. It makes me feel good to just go in their shop. Be sure and mention this blog when you do go in the shop. It’s a good hour's drive for us, but it is well worth it.

And now, to build the quilt wall! Big T still isn’t to sure of the purpose of the quilt wall, but he is willing to put it up for me. I told him it is not for display purposes but is an essential tool for design, lay out and provide the ability to see it all at once. While he nodded, I don’t think he is 100% convinced yet.

From me to you, lots of hugs and thanks for joining me in my new adventures of learning to be creative and artistic.



  1. I love what you made for the swap! I've made a couple things too. I make bags and such so that will be part of my swap. It will be so fun to see what we get and who we get. I've never done a swap from a bog before.
    Your shop has adorble things so it should take off at some point!
    I think Central Florida is a tad warmer than you are right now :*)

  2. When I look at some blog pictures of all the snow up north and in canada, it makes me think 35 isn't too cold at all. Thanks for the words of encouragement.

  3. We are suppose to get in the 70's today and rain so that's not too bad!
    I have a friend that just started an Etsy shop and she is discouraged but it all takes time.


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