Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Isn't that the nicest word to see or hear? I just saw that my Hummingbird Treasures Hummingbird Table Runner sold this morning and I am ecstatic. Thank you!

All kinds of thoughts go through your head:

you weren't crazy with that design - someone else liked it too

that combination of fabrics and colors worked

someone liked the echo quilting that you spent hours on

I just listed these napkins and am trying to decide whether to sell them or keep them. I love the dark rich brown with the slight twill effect. I made the set of 8 with 2 of each fall leaf pattern. I have a second set ready for photos in a delightful khaki green (almost a true moss green) with drifting fall leaves gracing the corner.

The winter kitchen towels were just some cute snow scenarios - I couldn't resist this lovely shade of blue with the black highlights.

I am doing the happy dance!!! (Good thing this isn't video today.)
Hugs - Marie


  1. Congratulations! A sale is a good thing, you are doing the happy dance I can see!

    I got the entry for Animals in Art at LSU today and got all excited. That is, until I read that the art must be priced and resady to sell! Not for my Swissy Pup hanging!

    glen: I must do a piece to put in there to sell though. Want to join me? I can send the info.........this could be your big break!

  2. congratulations! Love the new napkins. I went on your Etsy and took a look. I really like the hand quilted topper too.


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