Monday, November 8, 2010

Rocks in my Head

Ok - the general agreement from both Big T and the doctor is that I have loose rocks in my head! (Only Big T says I have always had those.) So the diagnosis is: the little tiny crystalline rocks in my inner ears have become loose and it causes vertigo which can range from minor diziness to severe which is my category this week. When the little rocks move it causes an imbalance which results in the vertigo.
The solution is a set of exercises designed to push the diziness to the limits and let the rocks go back into place. And strong motion sickness medication that is supposed to tell my brain not to throw up just because the world is spinning around me and I can't tell up from down. Enough about me and my rocks.
I had a lot of trouble finding size 19 knitting needles and I could only find the straight, short ones. No circular 19's to be found. I have some great thick and bulky yarn I want to work with on the cruise to see how it works up. The pattern calls for working in the round on 19 circular needles; I'll join the rounds when finished for the initial project. I'll keep you posted.
Big T is planning out his shore excursions in Grand Cayman and Cozumel. I'm not sure yet whether I'm getting off or staying on the ship. I won't know until it is time to go and then it will be a last minute decision - but that's okay. Although I was a little worried today when he told the nurse that for my birthday he was taking me on a one-way cruise.
Hugs - Marie


  1. I hope you get to enjoy your cruise! Definitely make it a return trip, OK? LOL

  2. I had vertigo once and I hope I never have it again! I had to take meds (don't remember what they were) for 2 weeks and the side effects were comical. I couldn't process what people were saying and I guess I made a lot of funny faces and said, 'huh?' alot! I hope you get past it soon!! And yes, please come back from the cruise...I go through Marie withdrawals!! :)

  3. Glad I checked on you tonight. That is what it My father always yelled at me saying I needed to speak up, he couldn't hear the rocks rattling in my head!

    The exercises really do help. I am glad you asked about them. Like Annette, I guess I looked funny. I kept seeing the buildings and ground slanted. So I felt like I was in one of those Fun House places everywhere I went. I would try to straighten out, but spent most of my time plastered to the wall. Hanging on for dear life.

    glen: rum drinks do the same thing.....

  4. One way cruise sounds good to me :)
    Hope the "rocks" roll into place for you. Can't imagine how uncomfortable that must be.

  5. Uh Oh! one way. Stay on the
    So sorry you are going through that. I hope the exercises work quickly.


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