Monday, November 22, 2010

Non-traditional Thanksgiving

Two days before Thanksgiving and 30 days until Christmas. I probably should be panicking(?) right now, but for some reason that hasn't hit yet. (Maybe it's the medication??) We have once again decided to have a non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner this year (we do this almost every year). Instead of the turkey, etc with all the work and mess, we have 'heavy snacks and hors d'oevres' and play games, work puzzles, sew and watch movies all day. This is what works well for my family and we look forward to it every year. I think it started many years back when the girls decided they wanted 'steamed clams' for the big meal that year. That was when we found out that no one in our house enjoyed the big, traditional dinners.

Big T told me last night he wants 'stuffed cabbage' for thanksgiving, so he and D#1 are going to make them Wednesday afternoon.

Christmas gifts for the Little Miss are already in CA and waiting on her mother to wrap and put under the tree. Now I can concentrate on The Dude and get him under way. He is getting harder to buy for each year and is growing like a weed. Last Christmas I bought 'smalls' this year it will have to be 'large' and maybe 'extra large' for sleeve length.

The gifts are almost done for the book club friends. I had to get on the ball once I realized that I didn't have until the 25th - they had to be ready by the luncheon date of 12/08. I think I have 5 mug rugs left to make. They have been such fun to put together.

My wonderful husband decided that he doesn't like paper napkins at dinner time - so he is getting some hand made napkins as part of his christmas presents. (Big T - act surprised if you read this.) I can't decide whether to make them all one pattern or to mix and match.

The vertigo is still hanging on by a thread. It only kicks in when I lay on my left side or bend over to pick something up. Better but still bothersome. I did lots of sleeping on the ship because Big T was afraid that I'd have an attack and be really sick. I did get lots of rest.

Hugs - Marie


  1. While we are going to have the Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, etc., etc. But it will definitely be a casual meal with Hubby, Daughter #2 and me eating as much as we can without going to ER :^)
    A very relaxed day where D#2 and I may have time for some sewing. You bet! ! !

    Sorry to hear that you are still having medical problems. This past 12-18 months has been thoroughly MEDICAL ! ! ! ! !

    BTW, have a great T-Day - well, maybe not T-Day for you guys but have a good one okay?


  2. Marie, your celebration sounds good to me! We do bbq ribs,ham & homemade pizza ... with lots of other goodies to make it a wee bit festive.

    It is about 'gathering' & 'enjoying' ... & even playing games as you do.

    Have a beautiful & blessed Thanksgiving.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  3. Frank is the traditionalist, so we have ham and turkey, sweet pots, green bean casserole. Only differnce is the barbeque sauce on the turkey meat......

    Gumbo for Xmas dinner though.

    glen: glad you are "almost" better!

  4. We are having a traditional meal this year but it's the first one in about 12 years. My kids informed me then that they just didn't like the traditional meal! And Christmas day is all about snacks and finger foods all day. That was my decision when I got tired of spending all day in the kitchen and missing out on the kids enjoying their Christmas gifts. I haven't started on the shopping yet...

  5. We do not celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia.
    As it is so hot here in we always have cold meat and salads. Not a hot cooked traditional meal. So enjoy your holidays the way you wish.

  6. We have thanksgiving in October in Canada. We didn't do the usual traditional meal either. With Logan not here, we thought we'd do something easier and not quite as messy :)
    Can't wait for Christmas though!

  7. I am glad you are feeling a little better.
    We have stopped doing the traditional dinner too. Last year I made a pork loin and other goodies. This year since both my boys and their wives won't be here we are going to a restaurant. (me, hubby, and daughter)
    Enjoy your day however you spend it.


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