Friday, October 29, 2010

Back to the Drawing Board

The second skein of yarn was not the same as the first - and so here we have a great beginning with no end in sight. Hmmm - now to see what I can make of this without unraveling it all.

I must admit that Halloween is not my favorite holiday - in fact it may be my least favorite of all. I love fall and all that it brings, I just don't care for halloween. It may be my years as a teacher when Halloween was the most disruptive holiday of the entire school year. So there are no cool, really neat and cute halloween decorations and/or quilts around the house or my blog. (I'm beginning to feel like Scrooge here - don't hate me.)

I'm off to see how to salvage my short shawl that I was knitting when I found my skeins didn't match - way off. I may be back later today.

Hugs - Marie


  1. What shame the yarn did not match.
    Like you I am not lover of Halloween but in Aussie it is not as big as in the States.

  2. Ugh...very frustrating when things don't match! I thought I was the only one on the planet who doesn't like halloween. I never have even as a child!!!

  3. That sucks about the yarn. Is there nothing you can do to save it??

    Sniff...I love Halloween. But then again, I love horror movies, dressing up AND my birthday is practically on Halloween, so I was destined to love it.

    I still love you though!

  4. Sometimes knitting can be frustrating.
    Like when the stitch gauge does not remain true.

    Good thing D#1's feet are bigger than mine. Christmas gift ! ! !


  5. I never pay attention to dye lots...I'm sure it will come back to bite me some day ;-(
    Keep us posted on your progress!

    janet xox

  6. I don't do Halloween either. We didn't take the boys trick or treating in town when they were small, they never ate the candy - they didn't like to get dressed up either.
    Christmas is a much better holiday :)

  7. oh....I LOVE Halloween! It is my favorite holiday. I wore cat ears all day today at the shelter and a wobbly headband of stars to the 5 Star Restaurant for dinner tonight. (They were surprixed, I am sure!)

    Tomorrow on our bike ride I will have my witches hat and cape on as I fly around town for 15 minles.


  8. Not into Halloween either. Most of it promotes things that are so evil and gruesome.
    Sorry you are having problems. so frustrating.


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