Monday, October 18, 2010

Talent and Creativity

The Dude took first place with his oil painting at both the Chatham County fair and the North Carolina State fair. This was his very first painting EVER - let alone the intricacies of paining in oils. This painting is what he created during his first lesson (not after, but during).

We are very proud of him! His talent and creativity just keep flowing. Just think he is only 14 yrs old.

Hugs - Marie


  1. Wow! Is he planning to go into art as a career?

  2. That is insane!!! He's very talented - hope he keeps it up!
    Way to Go!!

  3. Love the mood in this painting. He is quite talented.

  4. What an incredible painting and amazing talent!! Congrats to The Dude for first place!!!

  5. wow, an awesome painting. I used to paint with oils when I was in my teens. My grandmother got me into it.
    It is fun to enter things in the fair. My kids used to do it too. So exciting to win a ribbon.

  6. Very impressive! Congratulations. A first place, wow!

  7. OK, so I'm behind on what's going on in Hummingbird Land! Shame on me!!!! Congrats to The Dude. That's a great work of art. I deserved to be recognized. I can't wait to see your cowels, BTW!!


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