Friday, January 28, 2011

January Cold

No photos this posting - I thought I'd warn everyone up front. No energy to find the camera, charge the battery, focus, take out the little thingy, put it in the laptop, resize the photo, etc. I have just enough energy to cough, sneeze and look for the tissue box which keeps getting moved because Big T has the same @#$% stuff as I do. Yuck! (So don't get too close to this posting.)
If you don't catch colds from being in the cold weather, why do you catch more colds in the winter? A long unanswered question.
I ripped out the last border I sewed on just before I got sick. I don't think I will sew anything else until I am focusing more on sewing and less on the other stuff. But that's okay because my eyes aren't focusing anyway. I am still reading blogs daily but it take me almost all day to finally get through them all. Napping seems to be my highest (only) priority this week.
I don't want you all to get sick - so don't get too close.
Another thing about being sick - I had to miss my Majhong lesson yesterday. I made the ultimate sacrifice and stayed home so everyone else could play and have fun. Now they are a lesson ahead of me.
And the book I am reading I have already read - of course, it took me 200 pages to find that out. Nothing slow about me, this week.
You all stay healthy and keep away from this stuff.
Hugs - Marie


  1. Oh, sweet Marie, so hope you get over this quickly.

    Have a beautiful weekend!
    TTFN ~

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  2. SO! my sweet friend, what's new with You?

    Sounds as though you have your hands Full!

    I guess rest and plenty of fluids is the way to go for lack of any better remedy.

    Or, maybe some fresh air once in a while.

    Hugs from a distance,

  3. Oh Oh OOOH! I can help with this.

    Get some of the menthol rub, like mentholatum, and rub it on your FEET. Yes, your feet.

    It will clear up the congestion in your lungs and head.

    Fluids and orange juice and heavy doses of Vit C and Nyquil.

    Get some B complex maybe to give yourselves some energy. Unless you want to sleep. They are now saying not to rest so much with a cold, but to exercse to work your core temp up to fight the cold. Interesting.

    glen: sooooo sorry you are sick. Get well SOON~

  4. I think we catch colds in the winter because everyone stays inside and the germs congregate there for everyone to catch.
    For us - the more we are outside in the winter, the healthier we stay. Of course it's below freezing here from December - March :)
    Hope you are both feeling better soon!
    Maybe you should each have your own tissue box?

  5. Hang in there Marie, I just got over mine which lasted two weeks until the coughing stopped.
    Not fun at all so just stay under a quilt and drink lots of warm tea!

  6. Oh you poor thing! I hate colds :( Try some hot chicken soup, green tea and a good movie for laughter! Do you take probiotics? Our family takes our daily Vidazorb to help boost our immune system - maybe you should try one? Either way - hope you get feeling better!! No fun!

  7. Oh I feel for you. I think as I get older the colds hang on longer. Get well soon. Hugs, Carrie P.

  8. I hope you're feeling better soon! :)

  9. Oh Marie, I'm so sorry you've come down with a cold! I hope you're feeling better soon and can get back to doing everything you'd like!

  10. Checking in on you, Marie ... how are you doing? Hopefully, things are improving.

    Happy Valentine's, sweet friend ~
    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~
    Hugs, Marydon

  11. So sorry you were not feeling well...hope you are better now.
    I think Audrey is right about being in close quarters and spreading our germs. I also think our resistance is lowered in the cold weather.

    So I guess we need to stay away from each other and stay warm ;-)

    Janet xox


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