Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Computer Frustrations

Big T and I got each other new laptops for our Christmas gifts to each other. So now we are trying to learn how to use them effectively without giving in and going back to the old laptops. Different keyboard, new operating system, new applications, and I feel like I am learning about computers all over again. It is taking me 10 times longer to do something that should be a piece of cake. Aaarghhh!

Forget pictures with this blog posting. I can't even find the slot where the little thingy goes. I'm doing well to just type a short message. I do not like to use a mouse - I prefer the little click pad thing on the keyboard. But no one told the little thing that it needs to behave like I expect it. It does weird things when I am least expecting it.

We have been 'iced in' for three days now. Only a trace of snow here, but heavy ice and it has not begun to melt. At least the power is still on - that's a blessing. It is so cold outside and the wind is keeping the chill factor near zero.

I have my assembly line of mug rugs down to handstitching the bindings on 11 more of them. (One is finished all the way.) I probably have about 6 hours of hand work left and then wrap and deliver. I want to get them to her this week so I don't have it hanging over me for the weekend.

I am trying to decide which large quilt I want to tackle next. There are several in blogland that sound cool right now - one's a postage stamp quilt and one's a mystery quilt AND several applique and stitchery quilts. I need to make a decision and commit and quit thinking about it. The time is past for thinking - it is time for action.

Hugs - Marie


  1. Have you gone from a PC to a Mac? I'm a Mac user but when I have to sue my husband's PC I feel I have been moved to a foreign land! Good luck!

  2. Good thing the power is still on. Too bad about the pictures, I would have liked to see your cool new laptops. But then, they probably just look like computers anyway.

    Stay warm and hope the lights stay on for ya!

    glen: getting to 22 here in Louisiana tonight!

  3. Oh Marie, I feel your computer pain! My son comes to my rescue when I need help. I would have given up a long time ago if it wasn't for him! I probably spend more time thinking about a project than it takes to actually do the project...what's up with that??


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