Monday, January 17, 2011

A Bad Start to a Good Day!

How many times do you have to do this until you don't do it anymore?

Next to the seam ripper, I think you can see the tear drops from your's truly. No - wait, I can get closer. . .

So then, I use my trusty, sharp seam ripper and redo the 1/2 square triangles - only to discover

The little squirvy (yes, it is a word - I just made it up) lines were going the wrong way. Compare to the laid out blocks of this photo. So, my trusty seam ripper got a lot of practice today. I spent more time ripping than sewing.

It was time to call it a day in the sewing studio. I did not want to tackle assembling the blocks until a 'better day'. Whatever that may mean.

My friend is coming to pick up her 'mug rugs' today. She called earlier and said she wanted a e-reader pocket also for another friend's birthday gift. That compensated for my morning in the studio.

Hugs - Marie


  1. About a million and a half. I hate those squirvy lines when they go the wrong way.


  2. Oh, Marie, I have those days more often than I would like! That's when I have to get away from the sewing machine and do something work on a puzzle maybe! :)

  3. sometimes we just have those days and you did the right thing putting it away for now.

  4. I was having one of those days yesterday while trying to sew a border with bias edges. Lots of stretching going on, lots of seam rippering! Usually I pick out 3 times and then that's that. Sometimes we do just have to set things aside and come back to them.

  5. The seam ripper is my friend too! This is why I don't quilt :) Can't seem to sew straight or get corners lined up right.

  6. now listen up...we have all done this far too many times...thank goodness for seam


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