Sunday, March 28, 2010

Life's Lessons Continue

Learning lessons the hard way does not mean I did it wrong - right? I think I would rather say "well I won't do it that way ever, ever again". And learning valuable lessons is a good thing - right? If that's true, I must be really, really good right now. There's just one itsy, bitsy problem - I learned what I did wrong, but I didn't learn a better way to do it.

I sewed all my strips together just like Barbara at said and then I cut them all apart in various widths to reassemble and sew back together. (Ok so far!) When I sewed the seams to reassemble all my newly cut strips, all my original seams were coming apart. (Not ok at this point!) After reinforcing (resewing) all those little horizontal seams (mutter, mutter, mutter) I was able to sew the new seams reassembling in an entirely new look. (Not ok at this point either!) That is when I realized that I should have used the 'sew as you go' method and sew my long, varied-width strips onto a muslin backing to support and reinforcement. It is very difficult to sew long strips together without that extra support.

Now, I realize the rest of you have already figured this out and are sitting there shaking your heads at me. The only thing I have to say is - "I won't do it that way again." Meanwhile, you can all feel free to comment and tell me everything I did that was wrong. (Oh by the way, I do like the way it turned out - just not the process of getting there.) Today will be sandwiching, quilting and binding. (Ambitious aren't I.) I'm hoping to be able to post it to Hummingbird Treasures tomorrow.

Hugs to all of you who are sharing my life's adventures (and the lessons learned - but do they always have to be learned the hard way?) You are a very special part of my life.



  1. I'm the queen of "never follows instructions" so I'm sure I'd easily make that kind of mistake. I make ALL kinds of mistakes...all the time. I try to take shortcuts and then realize, why, in fact, it was a bad idea. Do I ever learn? Nope. One of these days I'll learn my lesson. Until then, as long as you are happy where you ended up, that's all that matters :)

    I love the colors you used BTW!

  2. I know NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about sewing but the fabrics you are using are breathtaking!

    Happy Easter!
    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  3. Every quilt I make is a learning experience! If I don't learn something, I feel it was too easy. BTW, working on my picket fence quilt which would also be made with long strips of fabric, I realized how easy it is to distort fabric even when you're trying so hard not to. Your turned out beautiful though!

  4. It seems like everything I learn, I learn the hard way!!!! But that's ok because I remember it the next time! I also have to say, you have more patience than I do!!


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