Thursday, March 18, 2010

Great Finds

I love it when you're not looking for something special and find something out of the ordinary that makes your day. I was in the Dollar store over the weekend and happened across this great little bag for the Little Miss. We had already bought the purple bunny and this is exactly the same shade. I just had to have it even though it wasn't even close to what I went in there to get. AND - the best part of all - it was only $1.00.

Then Monday we went to Lowes to buy 5 ceiling fans. Big T decided that we need fans in the rooms without - so off to Lowes we went. While walking through the paint department, I spotted these pamphlets with the most gorgeous color charts. These are so inspiring to me, both the colors and the photos. AND - the best part of all - they were all free.

I am out of low loft batting! How can a quilter be out of batting? I think the gremlins have been back again (remember the white thread episode). I am going to have to figure out how to get Big T to drive the 30 miles (each way) to Joann's so I can use my coupons. I have several tops waiting for batting before I can finish them.

I started my "jelly roll challenge" block #2 last night. Looks good. I like the coordination of the colors in a single jelly roll. I just have to assemble the pieces and then post it.

My "tuck and roll - Illusion" wall hanging is ready for the hand stitching on the binding and then I can post it to Hummingbird Treasures - hopefully later today.

Hugs to all of you who continue to stay with me as I continue to 'grow up' and also to the new visitors. Come back frequently and stay awhile.


  1. Wow, the colors on those paint charts are beautiful! Great inspiration for quilts.

    Cute bunny bag, too!


  2. For someone who wouldn't step foot in a dollar store until a month or two ago, you are finding some pretty impressive 'stuff'. LOL

  3. I often get really great ideas for landscape painting from these pamphlets

  4. Michelle -

    I still look around to see if I know anyone there when I pull in the parking lot. I want a pair of those big "hide all" sunglasses for when I have to go to the dollar store.

  5. LOVE the bunny bag. If I had the energy, I'd make something like that...but I don't! As it is, I need to get my mid term school research project "check in" done and start in on chapter two of my book. I've been promising to write it for over 3 weeks now and I NEED to get some writing in. The Man is out of town until Tuesday, so I have no reason not to get some serious writing in.

    30 miles to Joann's? YIKES!!! I really want to see your jelly roll project.

    How cool that Lowes of all places gave you some palette ideas :) Check out this online tool for color palette making. You can choose up to four colors to compliment...

  6. Aly - you have got to find something to do with all your free time. This sitting around doing nothing is not good for you. I may have to start sending you things to do - like "when was the last time you cleaned your refrigerator?" (I just found out today that 42 years is not the right answer.)



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