Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Disaster and Completion

An early movie and a dinner out afterward - it doesn't get any better than that. A nice end to a day that started with a dental appointment. Maybe that's the way to schedule in the future. Gives me something to look forward to instead of something to dread.

I worked on my applique 'adventure' last night and am ready to scrap it this morning. Somehow my fusibles got mixed up and I did not use what I wanted to. As a result, my sewing machine started skipping stitches like mad (gunk buildup on the needle) and it quickly became a disaster. Of course, I did the routine 'rethreading', rewinding the bobbin, cleaning extra thoroughly, changing needle (that's when I noticed the gunk) and then read the manual again. My piece of applique looks like an absolute beginner with huge needle holes and lots of skipped stitches (blanket stitch) - well, maybe a little better than when I was that beginner. Needless to say - there is not much to salvage from that project.

Now on to the next project. But for today it is a day away from the sewing studio. Other things take priority today.

On the positive side, I did get my puzzle finished (minus one piece). Big T swears up and down he did not take it. So I have one 999 piece puzzle completed and ready to put back in the box. I think next time, I am going to count the pieces first.

I also finished my block for the jelly roll challenge from Moose on the Porch Quilts. I love the shades of hot pinks and the chocolate browns. This is my first time to participate in a challenge. I can see where if you don't stay on top of it - you could easily fall further and further along.

Have you checked out the Spider Web quilt at Melody's Fiber Mania site? She definitely raises the bar for quilt art. I love her use of color and the total lack of inhibition she displays.

Hugs to all! Thanks for staying with me as I discover what I want to do when I grow up? :)



  1. I so love doing jigsaw puzzles! Just like sewing and reading, I don't want to stop once I'v started! The block is gorgeous! I really like the way you use batiks.

  2. Shame shame on me. How did I miss your post for two days??? I hate gunked up machines...BOOOO. I'm glad I don't have a super duper machine like yours. I have a hard enough time when my thread gets all caught up in my bobbin.

    I would go NUTS if I was missing just one piece. I think someone needs to make you a piece so you can finish your puzzle :)

    That block is a BEAUTY! Well done!

  3. The only reason I finished the puzzle was because I thought Big T was teasing me and he really had that one piece. I accused him of it for several days and he kept saying 'I don't have it.' But did I believe him - no, so I kept on going. I guess he was really innocent. I may have to apologize some time (but not soon).

  4. Marie ~ Thank you for popping over for a visit & joining me.

    Your block is gorgeous! I'd have gone flipping nuts over a missing piece of that puzzle, couldn't be in the corner, could it?

    Don't be a stranger, my friend.

    Happy St Patrick's Day ~
    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  5. The fusibles are all different so you have to be sure they all require the same amount of pressing time. I knew that Heat and Bond had a heavy one that you aren't supposed to sew through and someone told me there is a wonder under heavy now too. I only keep one kind in the house now.


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