Saturday, May 7, 2011

OK -

Have you missed me? Well, let it be known that I am back and raring to go. My two month hiatus (is that really a word) is at an end.

Did you notice the new 'do'? I thought it was time for a change - I was getting to be pretty boring and regular. I needed a complete make-over to go with my new approach to blogging, quilting and life itself.

So what happened to me?

Blogging had ceased to be fun and had become a chore but even more than that, I am tired of ready about all the perfectionism and 'snobbishness' that become more and more prevalent in blogland. It seems that quilting is more about who is using which designer fabric and who is going to market than quilting. And quilts weren't finished until they have all been perfectly finished by the long-arm quilters trying to sell their business by telling the world how good they are.

This was not the blogland and quilting that I love. But I was getting trapped into feeling guilty that I chose my fabric by what I like rather than who designed it. My wonderful art quilts (wonderful to me anyway) will never compare to the pro's who produce a major piece every day. It was becoming a chore to go into my studio because it wasn't a 'designer studio' where everything is perfect and 'cute'. The final straw was all the 'perfect photos' coming from the $1,000 dollar cameras.

Am I the only one who was bothered by all this? (Or maybe it was because I also didn't fell well for a couple of months.) But regardless, I have decided several things that I want to share with my loyal friends (I don't care about followers - you are all my friends.

1. I am going to weed through my blog reading list and eliminate all but those blogs that I really enjoy.

2. I am going to write about things that interest me and my friends (old word was 'followers').

3. I am not going to waste my time on those blogs that seem to be ads to attract business.

4. I am going to continue my exploration into the world of art quilting (per my definition - not anyone else's).

5. I will continue to select fabric that I like regardless of the designer or origin.

6. Friends will come first (and always).

7. Blogging is about sharing and friendship not competition or rules.

And so my dear friends, I am back after spending a long time thinking about what was bothering me. And I look forward to further enriching our friendship in this wonderful world of blogging. I have found some wonderful friends in blogland and they are as dear to me as if we lived in close proximity. I cherish each of you.

Many, many hugs - Marie


  1. Glad to see you're back among the blogging.
    My list of blogs that I read changes as my tastes change. I read a little of everything. I like hearing and seeing what other's are up to.
    Yes, I love those perfect 'studios'
    and I love seeing that 'art works'
    I love seeing what those long- and mid-arm quilters are doing,
    etc., etc.,
    I do what is of interest to me at the moment.
    I do what excites me * * * quilt- and craft-wise.
    I try not to get caught up in the 'latest & greatest'
    And, yes, isn't blogland the very best.
    Where else can we find such lovely friends = = =
    via a keyboard? ? ? ?
    Speaking of . . . I l♥ve your new look ! !
    It's great to see your 'ART'
    it's showing us who you are.
    with a little lace and polky dots on the side.
    Hope to see your posts real soon.

  2. Good on you! I totally agree- do what you love the way you like to do it!

  3. Here Here! I am 100% in agreement with you!

    I got into this blog thing because I wanted my own journal. Along the way I have made friends (like you, darling!) and had a lot of fun. I would love to share this journey with you.

    Don't ever think that I think I am better'n anyone, I am not! LOL. That is for sure! I am pretty normal, well, normal may not be the right word!

    We are just friends who love to quilt and do it on a blog!

    I have an idea for an art project that you may want to join me in. It needs to ferment in my mind a little longer, then we can see if it will fly!

    glen: love that you are BACK! I can't do without you!

  4. PS - I love that purple and blue. Is it shaped like that or it is just laying like that? glen

  5. Marie, be happy and content with yourself! My blog is not about pleasing others and I hope yours won't be either. Love your new look!

  6. Oh Marie, I can so relate. I went through the same thing at one point. First I wasn't using designer fabric and then I wasn't recycling instead of using new fabric and I wasn't having a giveaway every month...and the list goes on. It is astonishing how much perfectionism and snobbishness there is. I also cleaned up my blog list and still if I follow a blog and recognize those tendencies, I unfollow right away. I am so happy you are back!!! And I love the new look!!! Can't wait to see what you have been working on!

    Happy Mother's Day!! XOXO

  7. WOOHOO!!
    You have to do what's right for you! If you love what you do - others will too :)
    Glad to see you are back!

  8. YaY! Marie. I feel exactly the same way ... it does get 'old' quickly, the 'me-me-me' stuff. Glad you are back, sweetie.

    I have met some of the most wonderful friends in bloggyvlle, but there have been a few stumbling blocks.

    BTW If you will send me your address I will let you know when we are coming down your way if in the area ... we may take a wee jaunt. Love to meet you.

    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~

    5-Day GIVEAWAY, pop over

  9. I like your style! And I love your sentiments. Do what you love and ignore those who don't. I keep telling everyone, nice matters. The thought counts. I mix WalMart fabric with designer fabric, and I don't care who knows it. I sew for me and for those I love. blessings, marlene

  10. Yes, I am glad you are back and will be doing what you enjoy. That is what matters. Do what makes you happy. I sort of went through the same thing when I first started blogging and then I just thought it is my blog and I am doing this for fun. I really like the new header. Great job. I love the tree quilt.

  11. I missed you! I'm so sorry I missed your big return. I LOVE what you've done with your blog bigger news...I'm happy to say I'm in the middle of sewing my first quilt (YAY!) WHOO, do I admire you and your craft because I'm sewing a simple patchwork quilt (all 8x8 squares) and I swear it will be my undoing. Not all of my rows are lining up nicely and I accidentally sewed a row to the wrong side of the project. Yeeep, wonderful, huh? Well I really have missed you and sorry it's taken me so long to welcome you back!

  12. A very interesting posting Marie and I think you will find that others feel the same way. Blogging should be fun and not a competition. Do what you love. After all, this is the only way you are going to connect with others that share the same interests.

  13. I think many bloggers have been feeling the same way. I know I have. At one point I was sucked in and began worrying about what/how I blog and the type of quilts that I make. Then I gave myself a reality check. I had to remember that I buy the fabric that I enjoy and can afford. I make quilts that I enjoy or that my family/friends would enjoy. I quilt because it makes me happy and relaxes me.

    Every couple months I go through my reader and delete blogs that no longer make me happy when I read them. Life is too short to be around a bunch of negativity all the time. Geez...sometimes it feels like high school all over again lol.

    Down with the quilt police!! :)

  14. Here here Marie I have to agree with you about some blogs being there to just drum up business. I also don't care what fabric I use as long as I like it. I love to quilt my own quilts( OH sorry did have my DD2's Bargello done because I did not what to ruin it)It is fun to try different designs.Even if they are NOT perfect. I am about enjoyment to sew and read my friends blogs.
    I am delighted that you have choosen me as one of your friends.


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