Thursday, May 19, 2011

OK - so I'm hiding in the office at the computer to stay as far away from the kitchen as I can get. Big T and a neighbor are replacing the kitchen chandelier and installing a fan with a light over my kitchen table. The sounds coming from in there are not always favorable - so here I am with the door closed. Last I could hear, they had decided to 'read the directions' - that doesn't sound too bad, does it? There will be no photos with this posting because I would have to go through the kitchen to get the camera.

After my last posting, I had such positive comments from my friends - thank you all! You made me feel that 'blogging life' is so worthwhile. You are all wonderful and I never would have met you if not for 'blogging'. I feel like my world is expanding when I have friends from all over the world.

I am working on a new wall hanging to go over the fireplace (to cover the 'ugly hole' where I refuse to have a tv). I had just enough of the contrasting fabric to do just what I had planned. Sewed the first four strips together and was so proud of myself. It looked exactly like what I had in mind; went back to the cutting table to cut the next strip when it happened. I picked up the fabric, folded it, picked up the rotary cutter and cut my strip (the wrong direction). Now instead of a 42" strip I had an 18" strip. AND to make matters worse, I no longer had any fabric left to cut the 42" strips (it was all now the shorter pieces). After a few (a lot of) 'bad words' and tears, I did a lot of 'unsewing' and went back to the drawing board.

How many times do you have to learn the same lessons over and over? I can hear my mother saying 'measure twice, cut once'. But this time, I was so sure I had it right that I didn't take the time to check and recheck.

Oh no!! - "what do you think this wire goes to? I don't think we need it." I wish the office were soundproof. This is killing me. A few minutes ago I heard a sound like 'broken glass' . . . I should have gone grocery shopping or something. I think I will pull up one of those addicting computer games and 'zone out' for a few hours. If you need me, you know where to find me.

Hugs - Marie


  1. I really hope you end up with a light and fan without incident!! I don't know how many times I've cut the wrong size piece of fabric because I didn't check twice. Don't know why I haven't learned that lesson yet...

  2. Oh, no! I am ROFL! I am married to Frank "Tim the Toolman" Parks. We were well known to the ER staff there for a while!

    I hope your kitchen is in one piece and that your fabric is too!


  3. I had to laugh at you staying out of the kitchen. It is always good to do that when "men are at work".

    I am glad you are back. I understand what you are saying about some of blogland but you are doing it the right way. Visit the people you have something in common with and visit the blogs you just want to learn from and do not let any of the negativity affect you. Hard to do sometimes but it is how you must be sometimes. :) Hugs from me.

  4. I can see you cowering in your sewing room with all that noise going on. so funny! My guys make me nervous too when they are doing DIY projects.
    Yes, we have all done the same thing with cutting and yes, it is so frustrating but I am sure you will come up with a great solution.


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