Thursday, May 27, 2010

How to feel old and senile

Our trip to San Diego was peaceful, restful and relaxing. We played with the baby and did all the things grandparents do (including a trip to the zoo to watch the monkeys and the flamingoes) and still squeezed in time to go to the graduation. If you have never spent an hour in front of the flamingo cage at the San Diego zoo, you don't know what you are missing. They must have 40 flamingoes all sitting on eggs presently. Their nesting habits were fascinating to watch and the Little Miss just sits and watches.

We saw this poster as we were leaving the zoo. I am fascinated by the expression, especially the eyes. I keep thinking about what type of fabric to try something like this.

And now for the lesson in 'how to feel old and senile' in less than 10 minutes. First let me say that we tried and tried to get our younger daughter to just drop us at the curb in the airport in San Diego. If she had done as we asked, my embarassment would have been witnessed by only Big T - but no, she insisted on walking in with us and spending every possible minute with us before we left.

Big T and I used mileage to go to San Diego this time. We flew in on US Air and assumed we were flying home on US Air - NOT SO! When we checked in, a very nice young lady informed us, we were not scheduled on any flight out that day (or any other). After my protest, she looked at the itinerary I was waving in her face and politely informed us that we were flying home on United Air which was in the other terminal and about 1/2 mile walk. Of course our younger daughter by this time is sure that her mother has completely lost it and Big T is beginning to wonder.

Needless to say, we walked to the other terminal, checked in and saw our daughter watch us through security. Our layover was in Chicago where we had a 4 hour layover. Our older daughter was to take our car to the airport in Raleigh and leave it for us with a phone message telling us where she parked it. All worked like it was planned. EXCEPT - she parked it in terminal 1 (which is where we left from) and we were going to come in to terminal 2 after midnight.

So by now both daughters think their mother is totally senile and has lost it completely. Big T has been sure of it for several years and just shook his head at the happenings. I may not be allowed out without a keeper for awhile. And to think that I traveled professionally from coast to coast as a consultant for several years (and recently at that).

More to come - hugs to all of you.



  1. It's hormones! At least that's what I tell my husband when I can't remember anything :)

  2. Chuckle! When I have issues like this occur I tell my husband he's the one with the problem ... chuckle!
    Glad you had a grand time.

    Have a safe & lovely Memorial holiday weekend.
    TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon

  3. Oh Yes Their turn will come too!!! LOL

  4. Welcome to my "normal" world! It helps to have a good sense of humor.

  5. That's not senility, that's logic! Who wouldn't have thought you'd come back on the same airline from whence you came???

    That lion pic is AWESOME! Have you considered playing around with tea dyed muslin? You could do it yourself and play with the brown tones...then maybe mix in some yellow fabrics. Just a thought.

    We would DIE to go to the San Diego Zoo. It's on our future vacation to do list, but the distance and the cost is a little too much for us to think about until the kids are just a bit older...and we have more money to pay for it!

    Have a great weekend my friend. Again...I'm glad you're back :)

  6. I can't help but laugh because I had a similar incident the other day. To make a long story short, I insisted to my son and husband that to leave the hospital was a certain way and had the proof to back it up! They quit arguing with me and became very quiet and I assumed it was because I was right! It wasn't til the next day when we got home I realized my mistake! Neither one of them said anything!!

  7. Funny post and I can relate on two levels
    1. I used to work the ticket counter for a major airline and have meet many folks with in your situation ;-)
    2. I have had the same mixups when traveling myself.
    They only add to the interesting stories you can tell when asked about your trip. Glad you made it home safe and sound ;-)
    Janet xox


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