Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nature's Lovely Killer

The redbuds have started to fade in intensity as the new leaves appear. Still beautiful to look into the woods and see these beauties weaving among the barren trees.

But now the newest treat (albeit deadly) treat appears - the Wisteria. This beautiful parasite simply takes over and chokes life out of trees, vines, etc. But when in full bloom, there is nothing more beautiful. The 'new to North Carolina' folks call these "lilac trees". This set of photos was taken about 1/2 mile from our house. The color and show these make are intense and breathtaking (not to say anything about the delicious smell).

Yesterday we were gone for several hours (to the fun zone with the Dude) and there were literally hundreds of these within that 50 mile drive. So pretty, but so sad to see where they have destroyed everything they grow on.

And now back to the studio to work on my Spring Fling project. It's quiet around here today with the Dude gone home - may get some actual work done for a change. By the way here is block #3 for the jelly roll challenge.

And here's a sneak peak at my entry in the Spring Fling Design for

Hugs to all - my dear friends.



  1. I *LOVE* the wisteria. How can something so lovely and fragile looking be such a parasite? I mean, it's so different from say, a tapeworm!!! I love you 'Spring Fling' work...make my entry look rather "blah". By the way, thanks for keeping the Dude this week. My house was so quiet without him, but I got so much work done. It's good to have him home. See you tomorrow for dinner! Here's what we're having...

  2. Wisteria is so beautiful but I didn't know it would take over like that. I love all the flowere in the Spring Fling's a happy piece!! Enjoy your Sunday my friend!

  3. I had no idea that wisteria was so bad! There is a tree along the way to where the kids go to school that is covered in it and thought it was so pretty.

    Can I just say, your work is just busting out in leaps and bounds! That jelly roll block is amazing and...I'm seriously speechless at the sneak peek of your Fling entry. WOOOOOOOW. I can't even wait to see that finished.

  4. Hello Marie.....You are right, Wisteria are beautiful, but so deadly to the poor trees they choose to wrap themselves around. Our redbuds, pink and white dogwood are in full bloom. I am going to try and get a good photo of my country road, which is lined with them. I'll share it on my blog if I get a good shot. Have fun with your quilting!
    your friend,

  5. I noticed some wisteria in some woods and how it has really grown all over the trees. I really like your spring fling design so far.

  6. so funny...your comment showed up 4 times on my dogwood post...;-)


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