Monday, April 19, 2010

Hummingbird Treasures Design Wall

This is a photo of what's on my design wall right now! Of course this changes quite frequently depending on status of projects and what I want to play with at the time.

These are my jelly roll blocks to date.

My strip blocks hopefully reducing my scrap stash. (I'm not sure how I feel about the lavendar block?) But for now it's there.

I'm loving this wall hanging. The colors are playing together very nicely (unlike the lavendar block above.) It's waiting for fusing and stitching the appliques. Then sandwiching, quilting and border.

Oh yeah - here's a picture of what is on my quilting frame waiting for the final border touches. Why is it that I have made two full size quilts lately and hand quilted both of them?

And then yesterday, I was finally in the mood to do some machine embroidery. I haven't touched it since Christmas for some reason. I'll show the embroidery work in my next posting.

Lots of hugs to you all. I'm off to find whatever adventure awaits me today.

(Did I tell you that I absolutely love my design wall!)



  1. Oh Marie I love your design wall, I do. What wonderful projects you are working on too.

  2. Seriously Marie, you are hitting a creative groove. I adore everything hanging on your design wall. I love your scrap strip blocks!!!

    So I was perusing the quilting books at the bookstore and I got some ideas to do "inchie quilt blocks" to turn into pendants and other jewelry. Sounds cool, right? If I can survive the next two weeks of finishing my spring semester term paper, I'll actually stop talking about this stuff and actually do it!

  3. I might have to make a design wall once my craft room is done :) It won't be nearly as lovely as your wall though.

  4. Your pieces are gorgeous! I love the strings too. Mine seem to be all over the place while yours are "controlled".......maybe that is my problem......more control in my life! LOL.


  5. Your design wall looks great. I like your strip pieced blocks. Just make a couple more blocks with just a little lavender in them and it will look good.

  6. Design walls are the way to go. Lots of neat stuff you are working on. I like the lavender string block. But I guess you will just have to wait and see what other blocks you come up with.

  7. Love your design wall and the tall skinny quilt in the middle. Your own design?


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