Friday, December 10, 2010

The New Look Is Here

Here's the new look. (There was nothing wrong with the 'before' - just time for a change. I find as I get older, I need changes more often. Wonder why?)

This is the 'aerial' view from the stair landing. Everything is new from this view.

Great photo of 'my chair'. Tucked into this delightful corner and reserved for hand stitching, knitting and reading. My Ott light fits perfectly on the table next to it for fine work and then can be folded and put into the drawer on the table. (The floor lamp behind the chair and the little 'tiffany style' lamp are hold-overs also.)

This is all we kept of the 'before'. I like this little chest and lamp right there just as you go into the kitchen.

Hugs - Marie


  1. Thanks for the view.
    Love your wood tables. Looks great with your floors.
    Looks like you've lots of light with all the window area.
    I take it your chair is located beneath the spot where your aerial view was shot. Nice personal area.
    Interesting end table lamps.
    Is there storage in the coffee table?

    Our living room is more of a computer room. Both our computers and misc are here along with the china cabinet which to pretty big.
    We have the large floor-to-ceiling window looking out front where we can watch the birds at the feeder.
    I wouldn't have been able to part with your little chest and lamp either.
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Happy Holiday Hugs

  2. Oh, my! It looks beautiful! And yes, definitely worth it! I love love love those lamps. They are the cat's meow.....or is the the cat's pajamas?

    I am too young to know that saying!


  3. And......your house is gorgeous. And so neat....and soooo unlike mine!

    glen: I like the cluttered mess look. The new modern.......

  4. I like it a lot. More hip and up to date than your other furniture. Looks great.

  5. Wow!! I love it!! It looks very comfy and inviting. Those lamps are to die for!! We'll be giving our living room a redo after the holidays and I can't wait to have a 'special' corner for me!!

  6. G'morn, Marie ~ Your
    new' is gorgeous, as was the 'old'. Love the way you created a comfortable & beautiful setting in your new decor.

    Merry Christmas Hugs ~

  7. Can I come move in? Then maybe we'd chat more! Don't think I don't miss ya! I think the best part is your BEYOOTIFUL quilt art on the wall. I recognize your handy work!!! Your home is gorgeous.


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