Thursday, September 9, 2010

Book Club Update

1. I made it to book club (didn't miss it like last month when I slept through it with a sinus headache)
2. I actually read the book (completely - some sections twice) - "The Optimist's Daughter" by Eudora Welty(?) Pulitzer Prize winner in the 1960's
3. I really liked the book (appealed to the literary snob in me - lots of symbolism and metaphor-type stuff)
4. No one else in book club liked the book (actually used words like: boring, hated it, couldn't finish it, no story line, flat unlikable characters)
5. I'm batting 1000 this season when it comes to book club (I'm afraid my membership in book club may be in serious jeopardy here)
6. I'm off to order next month's book (I love the 'used book' prices from B&N and Amazon)
7. The book for next month is "The Devil Amongst the Lawyers" by Sarah McCrumb(?)


  1. You're a trooper for hanging in there :) One of the reasons I've never joined any book clubs is because I rarely find even one person who like to read the same stuff I do. I'm all for "reading outside of the box" but I hate spending on a book I'll eventually hate. My mom constantly tells me "you need to read___" and it's usually something I have no interest in reading. The last thing I read to humor her was a snoozer!

  2. Will have to look up your next book. The title sounds good :)
    Hopefully more people in your club like this one.

  3. I hope you like the next book too! I always thought a book club would be fun but haven't actually looked into one.

  4. We are sooo much alike! I am usually the odd shocker in the book club set. Last book I suggested they hated. Oh well. And now one is mad at me because I don't want to receive her religions emails anymore. Just plain tired of them.

    We just finished The Devil's Queen about Catherine de Medici and King Henri of France.

    This month is the Hunger Games. Not sure about this one. A futuristic one, I am nearly through.

    We are reading the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo later this year.



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