Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year to You All!

December 31, 2009

The question of the day is – why do you never take the right type of clothes on vacation? I guess I should be greatful that our luggage arrived with us. M&R lost the suitcase with their clothes for a full 24 hours; their luggage took the scenic route to San Diego via Portland.

The Dude stayed with us in San Diego when his Mom and Dad went home. He and the Little Miss are becoming inseparable. He has also discovered the world of Ipod so he now has earphones growing from his ears. Little Miss has him drinking imaginary tea at her tea parties. Big T and I are thoroughly enjoying the world of our grandchildren.

Looking back over 2009, my accomplishments for this past year include:

  • Discovering a new creative side of me

  • Opening my online store through

  • Completing several significant customized orders through Hummingbird Treasures

  • Initiating my blog site for Hummingbird Treasures at

  • Selling my first original items through Hummingbird Treasures

  • Continuing to enjoy every day of my retirement

Looking forward, my high level goals for 2010 include:

  • Expand the scope and readership of my blog

  • Explore contemporary quilt art as a new media for Hummingbird Treasures

  • Help Big T build a ‘quilt wall’ in my home studio

  • Join a local writers’ group

  • Finish and submit my ‘young adult novel’

  • Learn to live life to its fullest

From me to you, lots of hugs and thanks for joining me in my new adventures of learning to be creative and artistic. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!



  1. I wish for you an awesome and productive 2010!

  2. Audrey - with a mentor like you 2010 has to be good.


  3. Very creative list, I wish you 2010 to be more creative than 2009 :)
    For me, 2009 was very special, I have a baby girl born on 13 July 2009, so I wonder how 2010 could be better than 2009 year.
    Thanks for the kind word in my blog.

  4. Nevita

    Thank you for visiting my blog - please feel free to come by often. You are right, nothing is more special than your baby girl. We just returned from visiting our 15 month old grand daughter. - Marie

  5. I'm enjoying your retirement, too...both you and Big T. And I'm glad you've found your creative side. What fun we have!

  6. Isn't it too bad that it took SO LONG to find it. Think what we could have been doing all those years.


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