Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Back from California

Report card time (actually now they are called progress reports) – THE DUDE pulled straight A’s this quarter. Way-to-go Dude, we’re proud of you.

We are home from our short visit with our San Diego family. K&A’s new home is absolutely just right for them – they found their perfect house after a few years of looking and frustration. And the best part of all, LITTLE MISS started walking while we were there. The worst part is coming home with a cold and I can’t be around THE DUDE until this stuff is gone. By the way, don’t fly with a sinus infection.

The red snowflake placemats and napkins were a hit with K&A. They go well with the black and red furniture. The red poinsettia guest towels went over well, and LITTLE MISS liked the gingerbread tabby. Now I need to get busy and make a set of each for inventory.

BIG T and I walked through a neighborhood arts and crafts show while we were in San Diego. I thought it interesting that there was no quilting or embroidered work. We did find a couple of nice pots from “a pottery lady”.
www.karenthepotterylady.webs.com. Check out her website, she has some nice work at reasonable prices. They look great on the book shelves and we gave one as a housewarming gift.

The cleaning of my studio didn’t last long once we arrived back home – it’s back to its normal state, multiple projects ongoing at the same time. Even while sick, I managed to work an hour a day up there and it doesn’t take more than that for me to ‘creatively rearrange it’.

From me to you, lots of hugs and thanks for joining me in my new adventures of learning to be creative and artistic.

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