Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Introduction to Hummingbird Treasures

Welcome to the world of Hummingbird Treasures. I sincerely hope you enjoy your stay and return quite often. Introductions are in order - my name is Marie and I live in a small rural community in central North Carolina. Hummingbird Treasures is the name of my shop that combines my newfound passions for the arts of quilting and machine embroidery. Please stop by and visit my shop at http://www.hummingbirdtreasures.etsy.com/.

I am new to the world of arts and crafts. BR (before retirement) there never seemed to be time in my day to spend on things that were fun. Fortunately, I have found that Hummingbird Treasures lets me combine work and play and, in fact, may someday prove to be profitable as well.

This is a typical scene in my home studio. At least two projects going at all times. Well, maybe not typical – it is a little neater in the picture than usual. I just couldn’t let myself take the picture the way it looked just a few minutes before.

My main supporters in these efforts are my family, my book club and the local needlecraft club. Their support has been fabulous from the very first thought of turning my new-found hobby into something just a little bit more. My dear friends in the “You Don’t Have To Read the Book” book club have been not only supportive but have allowed me to showcase the Hummingbird Treasures’ items with them at our meetings. They were also the first to buy my finished goods and custom services.

These are the first internet sales for Hummingbird Treasures. An embroidered lace Christmas ornament was attached to each package as a special thank you. Thank you to JoAnn in Illinois.

Selling over the internet has proved to be more challenging than learning to quilt or do machine embroidery. All the rules of marketing, business ventures, and exposure have all changed. I thought making the products to sell would be the hard part, but I am having to learn a whole new way of doing business. I hope you will all stick with me while I learn the arts of blogging, forums, groups, facebook and everything else that’s needed. Meanwhile, I read this morning (in a blog of course) that someone actually adds 5 new items every day to Etsy.com. I think I have a ways to go.


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  1. I am impressed each time you create something new. It's like being a kid in a candy store! I can hardly wait to retire and have more time do do something like this!


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